Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 204

As I sit here in my uggies, my flannel jammies, and sip from my “every day’s a sunny day mug” (it’s the orange one) I am trying to find ways to ensure sunshine remains in my life as we slip deeper into the cold months. Yesterday for example I did the groceries with my gloriously colourful and oh so sunny “Sunny Daze” shopping bags and that totally lifted my spirits. Yep, something as simple as a trolley full of matching sunshine bags is enough to make me feel fabulous. I totally recommend them. I guarantee they will not only brighten up your shopping trip (I recommend you buy six to really create some sunshine), but that you will be admired at your local supermarket as you carry your stash. These are seriously the Milano Blaniks of the shopping bag world. They are the creation of one of my trusty followers – Kylee of Boomerang Jane. She is a big environmental advocate and shares my dream of becoming a children’s book author. Her writing focus is on environmental awareness and she has written a lovely book called “My Special Things” about the many uses of cloth bags and why they are so much better than plastic, and it is her intention that the book will come with one of her glorious bags. She designed the bags herself (artwork and all) simply to say “you can think green and still live in colour”. I agree Kylee, green is great but colour is where the fun begins. I can’t wait for your next creation! Whatever colour they are, I’ll be buying another six!! (Well, I do need variety to match my many moods and outfits.)

Go to to get your Sunny Daze bags or click on the link on the right. Happy shopping!!


  1. I totally agree, those bags ARE uplifting!

    I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but here in the States, we're supposed to be well into Spring by now, yet today (and forecasted for the next few days), it's cold and rainy! I miss the sunshine!!

    Guess I better run out and get some of your sunny bags!!

  2. Spring! Lucky you. OH, I so wish I was coming to the USA right now! We were due to spend our July over in Pennsylvania but have had to cancel due to finances (or lack-there-of). Meanwhile my Sunny Daze bags will be keeping me feeling bright. Yep - I highly recommend them!

  3. Keep wearng summer perfume. I spritzed yesterday with Ô de Lancôme. Three people told me I smelled of summer!

    Off to check out those bags now....

  4. Leanne, you are such a treasure! Thank you for enjoying my bags & sharing them on your fabulous blog (does that make them blags now?) :-)
    You have such a wonderful way with words, you made me want to run out & buy some...until I remembered I have a family room full of the delightful things, tee hee!! May sunshine linger and warm your heart all year long xox


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