Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 206

I am on a diet. Well, of sorts. I have put on like a THOUSAND kilos in the past 2 months. I have been eating sweet stuff, chocolate, creamy things, cakes and drinking more alcohol than usual. That combined with no boot camp due to knee issues and I am getting bulky. So the diet has started. But I have a dilemma – I just found a block of organic chocolate in the cupboard. It’s organic. Surely that’s a good thing right? Surely that is like negative calories?? Oh hell, it has to be. Anything organic has got to be good. Bugger it, I’m in ….

(Perhaps if I eat it while sitting cross legged on the floor, drinking green tea, visualising a bowl of cabbage and watching a yoga DVD it will actually help me lose weight?)

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  1. Bless. Eat it and get it out of the way. (I should be telling you to give it to someone else and that you don't need it. But I am a realist......)

    Thank you for your cheer and the above Memory Lane shoutout.



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