Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 207

Gee, I'm finding it hard to wake up of a morning. I'm not sure if I'm just plain tired, or if it is the weather changes, or if bed is just too warm, or if it's being deep fried, or a combination of all of them, but I am not bouncing out of bed with the normal spring in my step.

Speaking of spring, I am totally getting into the autumn gig. The air is so fresh! While ever the sky is blue and the wind is minimal I am in. Yep, now that the shock of the temperature changes has disappeared it’s all good. I tell you what though, leaving the more tropical temps of Noosa to fly into the temperate climate of the southern part of Oz really played havoc with my fibromyalgia. I know I wasn’t going to give the fibro any air time on this blog, but I’ll make this quick. The day after we returned home going from swimmers and lying on the beach and using ceiling fans, to donning Ugg boots, track pants and sweaters and turning on the heater completely stuffed my body. The clouds appeared in my head sending me into the fibro fog suggesting the airport that is my mind was now closed. My body started to ache all over with pain centred down the left side in my neck, shoulder, arm and leg. And of course the whole “blues” component was a bit over powering. I headed off for a massage on the Sunday arvo which helped to a point but nothing can really relieve fibro aches. It’s a bit like arthritis. Anyway, my body is adjusting to the temp changes and as a result autumn is looking and feeling pretty damn fine. Everything looks beautiful and the air is crisp and so very fresh. I have a spring in my step ... or should that be an autumn? I just can't get out of bed of a morning. But we'll fix that ... I'll leave a trail of organic chocolate from my bed to my computer ... that ought to do it.

Yes, I ate the organic chocolate yesterday. It's gone now. Back to the diet ...

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  1. Oh Leanne, I didn't kow you suffered from fibromyalgia. What a bastard that is. All over or certain points? (I have sarcoidosis, so I kinda get where you are at).

    Either way, xx


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