Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 208

Mojo, mojo, where for art thou mojo?

Yep, I've lost my mojo. Has anybody seen it? Oh, there it is, it's been inside me all along. I just couldn't see the woods for the trees ... or the mojo for the fog.

By mojo I don't mean my Austin Powers libido mojo. Although there is that as well. By mojo I just mean energy and the will in general. I get so freakin' tired all the time and even little things feel enormous as a result. And then there is the issue that when I am fully energised I am sooo energetic that I take on new and wonderful things and then BANG, I've been shot in the arse by a fatigue gun and my mountain seems insurmountable again. I have a very fickle mojo. My mojo is a little unbalanced me thinks. Bipolar mojo perhaps?

Anyway, it doesn't matter because I found my mojo. I lost it for a little while this morning but good old Anthony found it for me again. I'm not referring to Saint Anthony, patron saint of all things lost ... who couldn't help me find my engagement diamond (yes, I am still ringless). Although Saint Anthony might have been a good choice for mojo finding I guess. No, that's not the Anthony I am referencing here. My current Saint Anthony is Anthony Robbins, success trainer to the stars. Empowerment trainer extraordinaire. Oh wise wise (and very rich) man.

I've avoided Tony Robbo to date because I thought he was a little too commercial. A little too obvious a choice. But having attended a few conferences, listening to lots of other gurus, undertaking a couple of life achievement courses, getting empowered by the likes of Lee Brower, Les Brown, Sean Achor, Jim Rohn and reading, reading, reading, I decided it was time to take Tony by the horns and give him a whirl. So this week I have been listening to his "unlimited power" course and although I have heard much of it before, there is a new element. One in which I am embracing. The new element is Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I have been thinking of doing an NLP course for a few years now. It would totally enhance my tool box of success training techniques, however I never seem to give the money side of the commitment any priority. It's around $4,500 to attend. But I have seen the benefits of NLP over and over again, and good ol' Tone uses it in his training. Something as simple as physiology versus psychology can change a persons complete outlook. This is the first time I have sat and learned about it in any sort of detail.

How did I find my mojo? Well in NLP we are re-programming our mind, or even tricking it I guess, into firing in a certain way. For example, when you are really happy and excited and having a great time, you tend to stand tall, open up your chest and airways, hold your head higher and have quite an animated face. Your eyes dance. When you are feeling down or lacking energy you tend to stoop, caving in your chest inhibiting the airways, bowing your head, frowning. Your eyes are somewhat dull. So when you are feeling this way, simply by working on you physiology you can change your psychology.

That's what I did this morning! I thought, if I was feeling fit and energised what would I be doing. For a start I would go for a run. So that is what I did. Tahlia and I took Max for a short 2km jog (just a gentle run on account of my knees and to assist with her cross country training). I came home exhausted ... but somewhat renewed in spirit ... but I did start to stoop and wobble and go floppy. Then I pulled back my shoulders, stuck out my chest (my husband was most impressed) and pulled a crazy party face at myself in the mirror. It worked! I found my mojo. I am ready to start my day.

So there you have it. It once was lost but now is found. Good old Saint Anthony Robbins.

Now I wonder if Tony Robbo can find my diamond ... or at least the money to replace it.

That reminds me, I must check to see if I won the lotto this week ...

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  1. I always say that Mr Robbins got me pregnant.....I would listen to him in bed, and eentually the NLP thing kicked in and I believed and..........Olivia. Hahahah!

    Glad your mojo is a happenin'



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