Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 209

There is something seriously wrong with my left ring finger. It's jinxed. Totally jinxed. In the last 12 months not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR rings have been seriously compromised on that finger.

Firstly I lost my pink Argyle champagne diamond out of my engagement ring. You all know that. I couldn't find it, the eagle eyes of my kids couldn't find it, Roomba couldn't find it, my dreams couldn't find it, and even Saint Tony couldn't spirit it up for me. So I put the ring safely away for a day when we can spare a few grand (or so) to replace it. Then I started wearing a dress ring to fill in the gap. I have quite a few dress rings ... most of them aren't terribly expensive ... just nice rings I have picked up from after Christmas jewellery store sales. The first dress ring I chose was a big pink stone set in a gold claw with a little cubic zirconia on either side. It was a lovely ring. Yes ... it was. It is not anymore. The bloody thing snapped in half!! Can you believe that? The gold setting and the actual looped ring bit snapped down the freakin' middle. I mean, seriously?! Of course the pink stone went rolling away ... I found it eventually ... but the rest of the ring was shattered. There was no point keeping it. It was about three years old. I threw it in the bin. It was only $140 to begin with, but still ... you don't expect gold to just snap like that. Perhaps I shouldn't have thrown it. But I did. I was pissed off. So then I grabbed my trusty ol' garnet ring deep set in an oval of gold. It is beautiful. Quite regal and antique looking. I wore that successfully for a few months but noticed that the ring part was starting to get out of shape ... seriously out of shape ... perhaps from only being 9 carat and rubbing against my wedding band of 18 carat ... so I put it safely back in my jewellery box and replaced it with a gorgeous rectangular setting of brown and yellow gemstones (citrine and something else I have forgotten the name of) in a kind of cross pattern. I get so many compliments on this ring. I love it. I often wear it on my right hand (which is where all my dress rings normally sit - I take it in turns depending on what I am wearing). Anyway, yesterday after praising the wisdom of my new Saint Anthony and suggesting he may be able to help me find my diamond, I lost one of the citrines. I lost one of the f&(*ing citrines!!!! This is soooooo frustrating. No, it's not worth a thousand dollars. The money value is trivial compared to my Argyle, but its the whole freakin' inconvenience and the general bloody "vibe of the thing" that is pissing me off.

Why oh why can't I keep a ring on my left hand? Why??? No, I want to know. This is not a rhetorical question people. This is a pissed off 40 year old deep fried woman wanting to know why her wedding finger is constantly flipping her the metaphorical bird!

Is having an engagement ring last more than a month or two too much to ask?


  1. I share your frustration honey, especially about the pink argyle. I know this sounds annoying, but don't forget the basics from class LOA 101. The law of attraction says we get what we are thinking about-whether we want it or not. What we focus on grows. Perhaps a little understanding on why having a ring means so much to you? Yes, rings can be beautiful, valuable, symbolic & sentimental. However they need not exist to prove anything. Silly (& maybe not relevant to your mindful self) but perhaps too much emphasis on needing to have one? Are you afraid people might judge you differently if u aren't perceived as married or wealthy, have you judged others value by the ring they wearetc? Perhaps no ring might be in order for u just for now to see if it brings up emotion (may even be you are concerned no $ will come to replace the argyle?) I may be all wrong, & hope I haven't insulted you as you are a beautiful, kind spirit, but may I suggest letting it all go & going ringless for a week or so & seeing what comes up?

  2. Hmmmmmm. Well that's definitely food for thought! Hmmmmmm. Might have to escape to the rooftop to contemplate my naval with that one :)

  3. Just don't go putting a ring on ur navel now!! Hee hee although what with ur cute bikini worthy abs, maybe u should :-)

  4. Go ringless. Forget all about it for a while. Keep the loo seat down (feng sui for $$$ or something) and get the gorgeous one fixed. Then start afresh.


  5. Cous that sucks, I lost the diamond out of my engagement ring, at Aldi never to be seen again, mums wedding ring, and my locket all of which, were and are the most significant peices of Jewellery to me,in a period of months. I cried buckets over them all. Especially the engagement ring, . Does this mean we are cursed is someone giving me a sign, maybe we are not meant to b? all those and more.
    Boomerang Jane is on to it though, I lost my ring, why can't a keep a ring on this finger! all those thoughts, keep manifesting what is happening. Mourn it, put it away and move past it. I wen't and bought myself, a new engagement ring. And it will never replace the first, but when I saw the diamond in it , it is exactly the same as the one I lost . To me that is enough , and a more modern setting. I plan to melt down my original engagement ring and Davids, that he can't wear for OH&S issues and get wedding bands made for the boys. They will live on.
    But it sure does bite the big one, and its good to let that out. Love Ya Stell

  6. Ok, You're all right! i am going ringless. And I won't dwell. And will live in the attitude of gratitude, law of attraction, and all that. And I will be sure to put the toilet seat down as well. Yep. I won't even get my naval re-pierced - been there, done that, and it ripped out during my pregnancy with Darby. Ouch.Thanks y'all. Your gems are enough for me ...


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