Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 210

So the decision has been made that I will go blingless. I was going to say "ringless" but I still have my wedding band. Yep - after all the carry on with trying to unsuccessfully replace my engagement ring, my left ring finger will be travelling semi nude for a while. Not fully Playboy naked, just a bit of FHM topless action going on. The "Claytons" nudy run if you will - the nudy run you have when you are not having a nudy run. My left ring finger will go through life (for now) in nothing but bikini pants ...

What shall we talk about today? Hmmm. Let's see .... Oh, I start a short stint with the school tomorrow helping with a literacy program for year 3. I'll be doing two hours a day, four days a week during Term 2 which is nice. It means I get to have my cake AND eat it. You see, it is all totally in line with my vision. I am working with children, assisting them to believe in themselves, plus I am working with books and I am in my kids school which means I am present not only in their lives, but also in the lives of my wonderful cheerleaders on a more formal and daily basis. Oh, and I am bringing in a bit of extra cash. It's all plus, plus, plus!

So now that I have that going on I need a bit of Sunday planning for the week ahead, and that includes getting my clothes ready. No nudy action for me. I need more than bikini pants to get through my week. I have to be sure I am dressed for the school environment, but also for clients as well, so that once my two hours at the school is done I can zip across to any client appointments I might have. And then I have to have my cheer gear ready to zip back home again, and get all tracksuited up for cheerleading. The sad thing about that is I have this wonderful shiny matching tracky with zip up jacket that I was lovin' myself stupid in, only to watch Glee the other night and find that the cheer coach from hell wears the ol' matching shiny tracky as her trademark. Shit. It looks like after all my work to ensure our cheer squad isn't modelled on the elitism and bitchiness that is portrayed on TV and in the movies, I have fallen into the A-Typical "Bring it On" cheer coach mould! Bugger. Oh well, I'm not blonde so that's something I suppose ....

Anyway, I digress. Back to my wardrobe planning.

I did a wardrobe refresh yesterday. Not having money to spend on clothes means having to get creative with what I already own. I have black slacks (does the word "slacks" still exist?), grey wool blend pants, black skirt and black and white checked skirt (tiny checks that make it look grey). Plus I have some shirts, and boots, and jackets.

I did buy a couple of things this season –

- one black and one grey button up vest,
- a long sleeve black fitted t-shirt,
- a soft brown roll neck sweater and
- new dark blue straight leg jeans.

They were bargains. Absolutely essential in my shopping books. I never (EVER) buy anything full price. Well, hardly ever. Combine the new purchases with the two new pairs of clacky mules I got in Noosa and BINGO there is a whole new wardrobe waiting for the cat walk of life.

So I got my outfits together (all coat hangered up together with scarves and jewellery attached and everything) to assist with my self management schedule. The theory is that way I am not staring at my wardrobe in confusion each morning wondering what combinations to wear. I figured the vests can create new professional (if not slightly “librarian”) looks for the blouses I already own (red, pink, white, floral) and can be worn with my tailored black and grey skirts, or with black pants, or even with jeans. The black fitted T can go under the vests and can also be worn with my age-old trusty Jacqui E black pants along with one of my many brightly coloured blazers/jackets and equally brightly coloured scarves and jewellery. No, it's not all black and grey and miserable people. There is always a splash of colour in me somewhere. And then the brown sweater can go with cream pants and animal print shoes, or my jeans and brown boots, or under my tweed jacket. The nice new dark blue jeans can go with anything, including a plain denimy blue draping top with red scarf and my new red, white and gold clackies. I could also wear them with a white blouse and my new bright pink clackies. But wait, there’s more! They can also go with all my vest shirt combinations and tucked into my long black boots (either flat or high heeled). You see! A wardrobe refresh. And all for the sum of (wait for it) under $150. Yep, you heard me. That is all I spent on all my new pieces, TOTAL. That includes the clackies gals. Yep. I told you I was a bargain shopper.

My finger may be naked people, but Leanne is still well and truly wardrobed up. No nudy runs for me.

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  1. Slacks. You sound like my Granny. (That is no bad thing.) And I am laughing because, whilst I am nowhere near as organised as you, my winter wardrobe is.......scarily similar.

    New dark jeans purchased last week for $19.....


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