Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 211

I am living by the “feeling good daily activity schedule” right now which is a self management technique by Dr David D Burns which I employ to get my time sorted and to keep stress at bay. I think I referenced it a few weeks ago. Making measurable progress in reasonable time is key to success and the daily activity sheet is a great way to get started. I use it on and off over the course of my year, but I need it more than ever right now as I juggle a number of primary roles. Remember the whole “roles” overlay which I use with my clients? Simple stuff but compartmentalising is important at times to try and keep the feelings of being overwhelmed at bay. So we’ve already looked at my roles before - mother, wife, business owner, author, cheerleading coach, household manager and teacher’s aide. I start the last role today. I spent a couple of hours getting myself across the literacy program yesterday and working on my formula. I know a couple of hours a day to spend in the classroom isn’t much, but it is quite a huge chunk out of an already busy schedule. Anyway, that is why the activity schedule is so important right now. Time management is essential right now people! Somehow in amongst all this I have to continue with my publishing journey, have time and energy for my clients, and still ensure my family is my major priority. Scheduling is the answer.

That said, I am already 90 minutes behind in today’s scheduling. Bugger. I was supposed to get up early and between 6.00 and 7.00 I was to blog and then go for a jog. Blog and jog … a great way to start the day. I woke up at 5.50 after sleeping with my little Darby Doo last night (he’s got tonsillitis and is quite sick so I kept him close to me while Derek went to the spare room). It was a rough night’s sleep as he cried in pain and I had to administer Panadol a couple of times to keep his temps down. Anyway, I woke at 5.50, opened the curtains to wait for the sun to lighten the skies as I cuddled my boy when suddenly it was 7.05! Shit. How did I fall back asleep. I never fall back asleep. There goes blog and jog hour. Shit. So I dived out of bed had my shower, washing my hair and put on the kettle and now here I am trying to write before I get onto my 7.00-8.00am activities – tidy the house, make the lunches and get ready. The good news is I only have to make one lunch – Tahlia’s – as Derek is taking the day off to be with Darby. They can make their own lunches today and I am finished at the school by lunch so can come home for that one too. Check! Beds are made. Check! Toilets are cleaned. Check! Toys are picked up. Check! Not much other house stuff to do for this anally retentive girl to relax. I am sitting in my dressing gown with a towel wrapped around my head. Need to do something about that one. But my wardrobe is ready to go of course …. So no worries there!! Oh no, but Tahlia’s isn’t. I have a basket of clean washing to sort through and put away which includes her school uniform. Shall do that now.

So day (1) of my new scheduling period has started out a little off but in the world of push me/pull me it will sort itself out. I didn’t schedule in illness of course. But that’s why the Dr Burns scheduling is great because you schedule prospectively, and then mark it off at the end of the day retrospectively, and grade it, in order to analyse the use of your time to ensure you get a good balance between work and joy. You see, it’s not all about making measurable progress. It’s about ensuring you are living a happy life as well. So I am reasonably relaxed as I sit with my cuppa typing away to you watching my prospective schedule go quietly out the window. Because I am enjoying this little sit down.

Who am I kidding. I’m not at all relaxed. Shit. Got to get this show on the road! Shit. Sitting around in my robe and turban ain’t getting anything done whether it be work, joy or otherwise. Ciao people!


  1. Blog and jog. How I love that. Am I free to steal that and overuse it? xx

  2. Love it..."scheduling is the answer", quickly followed by "I'm behind schedule...bugger". Sounds so much like me :)

  3. Blog and jog away Lucy!
    And thanks for the comradery Cate P. Glad to know I am not the only one.


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