Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 212

Despite my scheduling challenges yesterday morning, yesterday turned out to be a fatanstically productive day filled with just the right mix of joy and challenge. And all in all the scheduling worked! I got it all done.

You've got to have the challenging bits, otherwise, what would be the fun? You gain so much from problems, don't you think? I know, I know, it's frustrating at the time but when you come out of it you often do so with a new experience under your belt. It's like when you are driving in a new city and get lost. Let's say NYC. A few years ago on one of my trips to the USA, Cathy and I were driving into Manhatten to get the kids and I to JFK airport (not even Cathy as a US citizen had ever driven into New York City before). We'd decided to go up a day early and hang around NYC for a bit. We were following a map but missed a turn and then took a wrong turn once we came out of one of the tunnels. Anyway, Cathy (as the driver) was understandably feeling harrassed and nervous and starting to panic, but I was quite excited because I felt like I was really getting to see the place. Besides, it was my job to keep her calm. I wasn't allowed to panic. So, as we were surrounded by bumper to bumper traffic, as we dodged road works and tried to work our way around one way streets, as horns beeped and general chaos ensued, I simply ooh'ed and aah'ed at the sights we were seeing, which we would have otherwise missed had we actually gone the right way to begin with. As I tried to find the light at the end of the Lincoln Tunnel I came up with a pearler - Cath, a trip just isn't any fun unless you get lost! And guess what, I almost believed it ....

So yesterday was a great day with just the right mix of joy and challenge. The joy coming to me through my first sessions at the school, and again later during our cheerleading rehearsal. The challenges coming when I got a call from the front office into the classroom in which I was working advising that Tahlia was now in the sick bay with a sore throat and headache. In the whole scheme of life having sick kids is all part and parcel, but on day one of my new contract it was a little " inconvenient" yesterday. Not much of a "challenge" to draw on, but it was enough to put a kink in the nicely formulated plan of attack. Luckily though Derek was working from home so he could stay with the kids during the hours I was at school (I was there twice yesterday - for both literacy and cheerleading) and I was able to enjoy the rest of the time with my kids. There were lots of cuddles.

The kids are fine by the way. Darby is recovering well from his throat infection (the antibiotics seem to have kicked in) and Tahlia was simply feeling a bit "off" but there is no sign of things turning sour so she'll be back to school again this morning.

So here I am in another scheduled time slot, writing my blog between 6.00 and 7.00 and then planning to jog (yep - blog and jog people, blog and jog). Right on target this morning! Don't worry. I won't be scheduling the rest of my life away ... I'm just using this as a way to develop a new routine while I add a new role to the portfolio of life. I'll keep you posted ...

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  1. Off to to the jog bit myself, but looking forward to hearing about the new role......eeeek?!


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