Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 213




Staring blankly.

Another yawn (bigger than the first one). Chin resting on hands. Still blank.

Making a cuppa. Believe mug today.


And again.

Starting to drum fingers on bench. Waiting for jug to boil. Slow. A watched pot and all that ....


Checking emails while I wait. Loads of cheerleading stuff. Smile, answer, file.

Dumdy dum. Dumdy dumdy dum. Dumdy dumdy dumdy dum.

Fart. What the hell did we have for dinner last night?

Fart again.

Kettle ready. Making green tea. Sometimes wish I drank coffee. Vitamins perhaps? Yeah, I'll take some vitamins.


Half heartedly look at daily schedule. Oh look, blog and jog. Well, this is about all you're gonna get for blog. Raining outside. Nup. No jog.

Yawn. Tired. Next on schedule? Make lunches. Sigh. Ok. If I have to. Open fridge. Severely diminished. Where is lettuce? Plenty of sweet potato. No lettuce. Sigh. Fart. Close fridge.

Sip cuppa. HOT! Sniff. Dumdy dum. Oh look, it's 6.30. Time to jog. Oh yeah. Not jogging today. Sigh. Dumdy dum. Looking into space. Stand up, stretch and yawn. I give up. Back to bed for half an hour.

Nice talkin' to ya.

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  1. No jog for me either. Can't be arsed. I am not farting, I am too much protein constipated and I cannot jog when my bum is bunged up. Oh look, we are doing TMI Wednesday!


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