Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 214

You just can’t beat the love between a boy and his dog. The love Darby has for Max is just beautiful. Sure, we all love Max. And Millie is also part of our family now too. But there is a bond of the heart between Darby and his canine Lab. The cuddles he gives him are genuine. True love.

A few days ago we had a number of hot air balloons fly over the house. A beautiful autumn spectacular and one of the beauties of living in Canberra. For some reason Max has a fear of the gas noise. The noise doesn’t affect Millie at all, nor does it seem to concern the neighbours dogs, but when a balloon is within a few kilometres of our house Max starts to go crazy, hurling himself at the French doors in an attempt to get inside the house. He doesn’t have to even see the balloon, it is just the hissing noise of the gas which seems to invade his ear space. It’s the same with the bug zapper. We have one of those electric bug zappers and if it is turned on Max is hurtling himself indoors and racing to the furthest corner of the house cowering in a corner. And of course I don’t have to mention what fireworks do to him. Anyway, a few days ago the balloons came overhead and Darby saw them coming, and before we even knew if Max was responding Darby was running out the back to save his dog. Darby was screaming “Maxy Maxy” in absolute terror on behalf of his canine buddy. Max was already aware and was running indoors with his tail between his legs and almost bowled me over as he dived towards my chest in an attempt to get in my arms. No mean feat when you consider the size of him. While the balloons were cruising happily overhead Darby had Max in a boy cuddle on the ground soothing him with his child voice with an outpouring of love and concern. Tahlia and I were there too of course saying all the right things and giving him a pat, but it was the heart in which Darby gave it that confirmed to me that there is no greater love than that between a boy and his dog.

It is with the same love that a boy gives his dog that I will give my publishing dog if they would give me a chance. Come on publishing dog, talk to me! At least let me know what you are thinking.


  1. So true.

    Little boys and their dogs have an empthy stream together that no one else can challenge.

    Hope your publishing dog gets alert soon!


  2. I so get this. My boys both have a dog, and love them unconditionally, and vise versa.

  3. awww! It's a pretty special relationship.

  4. I've enjoyed my journey through your blog page. Thank you for letting me visit.


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