Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 215

Someone told me the other day to keep my toilet seats down because it's good Feng Shui if I want to keep money in the house. My affirmation for prosperity at the moment is "money flows to me from multiple sources" so that I can look at money positively, rather than with anxiety (which ultimately ends in resistance).

So anyway, I was telling Derek and the kids yesterday (as we counted out what little money we had in our wallets to work out how we would get through the next ten days until pay day) that we need to start closing the toilet lids because the Chinese believe it will help us have more money. Wow!! Really Mum? That's all it will take? Derek then told us that funnily enough it just worked! He who normally doesn't close the lid (he does always put the seat down though) actually closed the lid that morning and then when he logged onto his computer he found someone buying a whole heap of comics out of his EBay shop and the money was "tinging" in with every new email. Wow again!! Darby was so mesmerised by this possibility that he decided we should tell everyone at school. Well mate, this is just kind of a Chinese "theory", something about balancing your yin with your yang, and getting your energies into whack. It's not scientific fact buddy. Yeah, but shouldn't the school know about this? I think we should put an announcement over the speakers! Oh dear. Um, probably not mate. How about we just try it in our house and see how it goes. So now it is Darby's sole occupation in life to run around the house ensuring the lids are closed.

Anyway, I asked Professor Google about the whole Feng Shui toilet thing and he told me that "the bathroom and toilet are primarily governed by and driven by the element Water. In Feng Shui, Water is associated with wealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow." Excellent! Okey dokey then. Professor Google also said that "always keep the toilet door shut and insist that the occupants of the house keep the lid of the toilet down, helping to suppress any loss of Chi and luck." Aha! Roger that. And he suggested that we need to "make sure that the plumbing fixtures are spotlessly clean and work. Dripping taps encourage you to waste money, noisy plumbing and cisterns are disturbing on a subliminal level." Wow!! We had drippage for like two years (on and off) and that was when Derek stopped getting paid commissions!!! Oh shit. There might be something in this. We've had the toilet fixed now though so it's all good. Although it does start filling it's cistern randomly which is a bit of a worry from a subliminal level. Do do do do, do do do do (that's supposed to be the Twilight Zone theme). Wow, this Feng Shui stuff is interesting! Hmmm, there might be something in it.

So my mantras are now "money flows to me from multiple sources" and "my toilet is always nice and quiet, shut tight, and clean and bright". That ought to do it. Now I'll just wait for that truck load of money to arrive at my door ... or at the very least, ensure the small pile we do have stops flying out the windows ...

Today is Friday which means there is something called a blog hop going on. All new to me but I'll give it a whirl (I'm a bit of a technophobe though so not sure this is going to work ....)


  1. Be careful with the whole feng shui thing - it's easy to get a bit obsessive, especially when it comes to mirrors and the location of plants in your yard!

    PS - you've been tagged gorgeous :o)

  2. Hahhahaha. Was it me that mentioned the toilet seat thing? I try. I really do.

    I was insistent upon it a few years ago and we were cashed up big time. So when I try and instigate the "loo seat down rule" again, Andrew just laughs and tells me the only reason it "worked" before was because we were DINKS then, and no one in the house was going through the tedium of toilet training!

  3. Yes it was you Lucy! Thanks for that. I await the flow of money ...
    Thanks for the tag Kelly - and will keep the Feng Shui thing in mind. Here I was thinking I was the creator of my life and it turns out it is actually my furniture ... and worse ... my toilet! GO figure ...


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