Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 216

I am drinking from my "We'll Always Have Santa Fe" mug this morning. It's the mug I use when I need a cuddle. I'm not in need of a cuddle because I'm blue or anything. Well, in a manner of speaking I guess I could be blue, but blue from cold rather than blue from sadness. Yes, it's cold! Well, not so much cold as "fresh". Lovely and fresh and just right for a hug. So as my Ugg boots hug my feet, my flannies hug my body and my tea hugs my throat, my wonderful "Santa Fe" mug not only hugs my hands but also my soul.

That said - let's move right along to other wonderful huggy things. Like custard ...

There are days when you can, and days when you can’t. And then there are days when you can, as long as you have custard.

I have this continual hankering for custard! It’s been eating away at me for a while now (shouldn’t I be the one eating it?). I finally quenched my custard thirst a week or so ago when Mum arrived with this big custardy tart thingimo and I ate it for lunch, dinner and breakfast until it was gone. YUM! Yesterday I was walking past the bakery and the thirst hit. I back pedalled and peered in the windows to find anything custardy. Anything at all. And I found it – a custard and berry Danish. Bingo!! That will do. Given I’m not doing boot camp I probably shouldn’t be absorbing so many hollow calories, but custard is just necessary some days. Definitely an energy booster … I mean look at me …. I’m doing a jig! An actual jig. Not a dance but a custard inspired jig. Quick … get the bagpipes and swords out, I’m ready for the Highland fling …. (Ouch - just spilt my tea - might finish my cuppa before the fling recommences)


  1. Fling away. I like my custard cold from the tub, with all its fake yellowness. Slurp.

    Or homemade custard on something like apple crumble........

  2. Lucy! Not helping ... (dribble) ... need.more.custard.

  3. Hi Leanne,

    Thanks for following me. I haven't yet read your post for which i am very sorry. I have my exams coming up- i'll be back in a week and continue with this reading. I just wanted to say thankyou and that i am following you as well. xoxoxo

  4. Mmmm. Your post was full of comfort! Uggs, flannel, tea, AND custard?! Thanks for visiting my site! I like the look of yours and look forward to more!


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