Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 217

No need for Santa Fe comfort and custard cuddles today. I've got the real thing. This morning I was treated to home made cards, school bought gifts and husband made eggs Benedict. All I had to do was sit in bed and reap the rewards of motherhood.

Today, of course, is Mothers' Day and mothers the world over are (hopefully) enjoying similar pleasures. But the real pleasures of course surpass the once a year gifts. These lovingly wrapped gifts are just token reminders and "hard copy" gratitudes. Not that they're not appreciated mind you! I love my new slippers, my I Love My Mum coffee mug (my new favourite in my collection), my beaded earrings and my bath bombs. I especially love my cards. But what I love the most is the every day pleasures that motherhood brings.

My favourite Mummy moments are the random acts of gratitude I receive from my babies.

The middle of the night visit from Darby when the monster in his room get too much. And then after he is settled between his parents, the way he reaches his little hand out to touch me in the comfort of knowing I am there.

The unexpected hugs from Tahlia in the middle of cheerleading practice when I am coaching the Cheer Chicks and she just appears from nowhere and wraps her arms around me, quietly, without words, speaking her appreciation.

The times my husband says "you've got the best Mum in the world kids" when I least expect it, like during a home learning session or when I am taking them to the park, or just when we are all cuddling on the couch.

When my own mother thinks of me, when I should be thinking of her, on Mothers' Day, thanking me for the gift of grandkids.

During the Mothers' Day breakfast at school when my children stand up in the choir and sing heartfelt mother love songs, as I wipe away my pesky tears and try to smile without sobbing in pride.

When I reach for the hands of my kids and they reach back intertwining their fingers with mine regardless of where we are or who might see.

They are my most precious mummy gifts. So as I sit here drinking out of my new mug, I reflect and take wonder in the little things. After all, if I were to ever lose a child, it is these things I would miss the most. It is on that thought I send out a big hug to anyone out there today who is either missing their own mum, a child who has passed before them, or the child that has yet to enter their lives. And for everyone else who is lucky enough to still have their Mummy moments, best wishes for a gloriously beautiful day filled with love and gratitude.

Happy Mothers' Day!

A big mention goes out to my own Mum who completes me. I believe she is the only person who truly knows me and understands all that I am, and all that I dream to be. She has created a legacy in me which I hope to pass on to many generations to come.

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  1. Lovely. Gorgeous. Such an echo to the way I feel about mothers day. Thank you.


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