Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 218

It’s 6.00am and boot camp has started - without me. As I sit here typing to you my booty pals are just in the warm up phase, awaiting their fate. It is still pitch black outside and extremely cold.

So why aren’t I there? Well, I am sad to say it is no more. Well, I guess what I should say is it is no more FOR NOW. A combination of knees and finances has seen me pack my booticus campicus backpack and head on home. Sigh.

I miss it. I mean, I don’t LOVE it of course, but I miss it. I miss knowing that I am keeping on top of my fitness. I miss knowing that I am shaping my body and filling my lungs with fresh (oh so fresh) morning air. I miss the comradery and the jibes and the “suck it up princess”.

But as I sit here writing to you at 6.00am, I have to admit I don’t miss the 5.00am wake-ups, nor the bats, or the duck shit, or the frost, or the push-me-till-I-puke. Nope. Don’t actually miss that. Don’t miss that at all! While they are out there freaking out in the dark, wondering why they are wearing 5kg weight vests and dragging tyres behind them to an undisclosed location (which probably has a hill) I am sitting here in my lovely little Mother’s Day slippers and drinking from my I Love My Mum cup. But the scary thing is that now I am on my own with the whole exercise thing. Doing only what my knees can stand sees me doing push ups, sit ups, dips and jogging. I’ve never been that great at pushing myself to the extreme when it comes to fitness. With everything else – sure! I am always pushing myself beyond what is comfortable, but with exercise I have always been a bit of a fairy. You see I’m not accountable to anyone but myself so I may need to find an exercise buddy to keep me honest. Someone who is expecting to see me at 6.30am so I don’t do what I did three times last week and crawl back into bed. Yep, that is what I need.

Anyone want to volunteer? Oh hello Tahlia honey. You want to go for a run? No? Bugger. Max … hey Maxy … whhhhhtttt (that’s supposed to be a whistle) … wanna go for a walk? Of course he does. He’s bouncing like a big blonde polar bearish kangaroo. He is dribbling everywhere. Thanks Max. Love the enthusiasm.

Ok, it’s still dark outside. Really dark. And cold. And my slippers and cuppa are sooooo warm. Hmmm. But Max is now jumping around and starting to whimper in anticipation. Ok. I am now being held accountable …. It’s time to get this show on the road …

Blog and jog, blog and jog. That’s the aim of the game kiddies.

Be sure I do my sit-ups Max … or you’re sacked.

An hour later: Max is great for the jog, but not so good on the strength exercise bit. His enthusiasm and love is a bit overwhelming … and wet … he’s dribbly and wet and his snoz gets in my snoz as I try to do sit-ups and it all gets a bit awkward. He gets top marks for his enthusiasm though … and his big early morning cheery dog smile.


  1. Oh how I get this. My morning exercise buddy has just given birth at the weekend, so she is out of action for a while. How inconsiderate to have a baby on me when I need her?!! Haha!

    But I did it alone today. Me and the iPod. Boring. But done. (I hate to blog and not jog. The guilt takes away from the delciousness of blogs.)

  2. Ok - so maybe we can keep each other honest from a distance? Must get an iPod sorted so I too can blog to a beat ...
    Having a baby! Shockingly inconsiderate

  3. I started an exercise program this week and only had the cats to keep my company. They are totally useless. They keep falling asleep.


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