Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 220

So what is it that makes you happy? I mean, where does the sunshine come from in your every day?

Given happiness is a choice, and I am choosing to be happy today, I thought it time to give you a hint at the ten everyday things that make me happy (plus I was given the Happiness 101 blogger award and this is part of the whole award process):
  • Sunshine. No matter what the temperature, if the sky is blue I feel at peace.
  • A hug from my kids. A daily occurrence at this stage of their lives. I treasure their cuddly journey through kidnom.
  • Music. I love any music with a good drum beat – rock, funk, pop – as long as there is a drum I’m smiling (and dancing)
  • Uggs. Great big hugs for your feet. My Uggies make me very happy.
  • Writing. Whether it be my blog, my books or just journaling, writing is my absolute pleasure and passion.
  • Friends. Knowing that I have people deeply embedded in my soul who love me without judgement.
  • Family. Being with blood. Being at one with the people you may not have met as friends but who the universe chose for you.
  • Fresh air. Whether it be the country or the coast, fresh air makes my lungs sing. I particularly love the crisp fresh air that early morning brings.
  • Cheerleaders. My cheerleaders fulfil their title nicely, by bringing cheer and joy into my life.
  • Husband. It may not be sunshine and roses all the time, but there is more yellow, orange and gold in our marriage, than grey.

And then there is always custard, chocolate, sherbert, coffee mugs, bling bling, spa baths, candles, Twilight, re-runs of Beverly Hills 90210, champagne, taking self portraits, holidays, more custard, lunching with friends, Danish pofferjes, green tea, black tea, orange tea, strawberry tea, frilly knickers, eggs Benedict, chocolate brownies smothered in custard, banana cake, babies, flanny PJs ….

Today is going to be super smiley coz I've got sunshine (check), I woke to my son hugging me (check), my iPod is stocked with drum beats and ready for my jog (check), I am wearing my Uggs (check), I am writing my blog (check), I have received emails from friends overnight (check), my Mum is just a phone call away (check), the air is extremely "fresh" and crisp and I'm about to go and breathe it (check), I have my little Mini Stars cheer team this arvo who think I am the cheer God (check), and finally, I have a happy husband snoring in the next room (check). Yep, at 6.00am I can tell you already that today is a happy day!

Now, if I could just get my hands on some custard ... and a publisher ... or even a publisher covered in custard ... my life would be complete.


  1. Custard yourself. Off to run intervals. The smug feeling from having done them: that makes me happy......xx

  2. Doesn't sunshine make everything better?

    I've been out in the sun this afternoon and the feeling of the sun on my face and legs has put a smile on my face - even if I was studying!

    SSG xxx


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