Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 226

Remember how I said I never wanted to give up boot camp because I was afraid of going back to being unfit and flabby and stuff ... and then I did give up boot camp because of my stuffed knees and of lack of money ... and then I said I didn't need boot camp and would exercise myself and find ways to make myself accountable if I didn't exercise ... and then that wasn't working too well so I tried to find an exercise buddy to make me accountable but because I need to do my exercise early in the morning at 6.00am (blog and jog hour) the only buddy I could find was Max ... and he is pretty good for a slow jog over a couple of kms but sucked at making me do strength and tone exercises ...

[Big intake of breath ...]

Well, none of it is working and I haven't exercised in days and days and I have put on weight and my muffin top is returning.


Help me!

Last night I did the ol' wearing my tracky to bed thing so that I was dressed and ready for a jog as soon as I woke up, but I got an attack of the middle of the night monsters and ended up awake at 1.30am. Too dark and cold and dangerous for a jog. I couldn't go back to sleep so at 3.00am I got the shits and finally got up to hang on the lounge and watch TV. After an episode of Tori and Dean and a couple of eps of Friends, I finally fell asleep again at 5.00am, only to wake when the rest of the family emerged at 7.00. Blog and jog hour is finished. I have lunches to make, beds to make, showers to organise, kids to dress and a house to clean before we all get out the door in 90 minutes for a new day.


Oh look at that. Blog and jog hour is over, but I am still managing to blog! Hmph. Perhaps I could still go for a jog. Everything would be rushed, and I may throw a mini tanty before we finally get out the door today, but I guess it could be done. I mean, if I was actually serious about the whole exercise caper I would do it. And I am already dressed. And Max is staring at me waiting to see if today is a sneaker day.

Ok, that settles it. I'm going for a quick spot of fresh hair. Ciao ciao!


  1. Maybe turn it into blog exercise DVD? Blog and stationary bike?

    Leanne, is there an event you could train for? To give you an additional goal? A fun run/walk?

    As you know, I blog and jog every morning. The main thing that forces me to do the jog bit is knowing how shit I will feel (emotionally and physically) if I don't do the jog bit.

  2. You're right Lucy. I need a goal! Ok. I am going to find a goal and then make a schedule in order to act upon that goal. Good thinking!! Will let you know my plan (once I devise it ...)

  3. Blog and jog hour, I do like the sound of that.

    SSG xxx

    PS - I love all the faces of Deep Fried Fruit :-)


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