Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 227

A strange thing happened in the shower just now. I think I may have fallen back to sleep!

Remember how yesterday I was all screwed up because of a weird night sleep? And then I was an hour late for everything including blog and jog hour. Well, it ended up being a blog and jog half hour but it still happened none-the-less. And yes, I did end up throwing a tanty as I tried to get the husband, kids and I out the door to start our day, but you know what? It happens occasionally. Anyway it was a rushed start to the day, but all in all it ended up being very productive! I got lots of admin work done, updated my client files, wrote some marketing letters, did the washing, updated my business website, gave my blog some new clothes, gave the house a quick clean, advertised some stuff on All Classifieds, got the kids to after school activities, helped with their home learning, cooked a fabulous meal, even got my nails done! But was seriously tired by the end of it and crashed by 9.00pm last night.

Next thing I knew the alarm was beeping at me to signify blog and jog hour. But I already knew I wasn't jogging because I did that yesterday so I jumped straight into the shower and that's when it happened. One moment I was feeling the comfy and heartening warmth of the water running over my head, down my face, over my shoulders and wrapping me in a big hug, and next thing I know I've been slapped on the arse by a cold tile as I slump against the wall. Huh! I think I fell asleep! Is that possible? Do people actually fall asleep standing up? Anyway, hoping the little pervert that may or may not live in our ceiling is not watching me through the shower head with his tiny pervert camera, I get myself back together for a quick hair wash and out I come. And suddenly it's not 6.00am anymore, it's 6.30!!! OMG!! Don't tell the water Gods but I think I just used an entire suburb of water in one session.

So here I am. In my dressing gown, slippers and towel wrapped around my head. Got the kettle on and I'm eating an apple. Yep, an apple. I've decided to take action on this whole fit and fabulous thing myself instead of flick passing it to booticus campicus and crying in my custard when boot camp is no longer an option. I need to set goals (thanks Lucy) and take action!

So here it is.

Goal - to compete in the 10km September fun run .
Goal - to find a group of people to run with that doesn't cost any money.
Goal - to lose that 3kgs I've put on
Goal - to become more flexible
Goal - to stay physically strong
Goal - to remain fit and fabulous at 40.

Action - running every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (starting next week)
Action - join the local running club which is free and just happens to run on Mon and Wed
Action - get back to healthy eating habits (thus the apple)
Action - get that yoga DVD out Mum bought me about 5 years ago and make Tues yoga day
Action - get out my weights, sit up machine and leg thingimo and make Thursday strength day
Action - stay 40 forever and never turn 41.

So there you have it. I have documented it. It is written in cyber stone! The contract is complete.



  1. Oh well done my sweet. You know you want to. I want you to. Doing it is better than worrying about not doing it.

    And I love love loe your new look. A makeover! Gorgeous! xx

  2. I agree the new blog look is great. Good luck with the new exercise intentions. I am over your way for week 8 and 9 of this term if you are keen to jog in the afternoon????

  3. Hi Kas! A jog would be great. Afternoons are a bit difficult though coz of all the kids activities but email me and we'll see if we can work something out!

  4. That looks very ambitious to me! I'm going to try and walk around a bit a couple times a week. That's good for me. :)

  5. yes, it is a bit ambitious. Shit. But it's in blogostone now! Might actually have to do it ..


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