Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 228

Good morning! Welcome to blog o'clock. This morning that time slot is being shared with slipper-fest, apple appreciation hour, an emergency towel/t-towel washathon and my e-mail meltdown. It's all good though, I haven't forgotten about Thursday being strength day. My Ab King Pro, the hand weights and the Leg Master Pro are all set up and waiting for me to finish talking to you. They are calling my name in that annoying machine way. Like photocopiers when they talk. Do photocopiers ever talk to you? Oh my goodness, they are saying my name all the time. You know ... like, that can't actually say Leanne so it becomes Nianne. And then it gets faster and more intense ... Nianne, nianne, nian, nian, nian nian nian nianniannianniannian ... Ok, well, that is what the exercise equipment is doing right now. Must be driving the neighbours insane given they are on the front balcony. (The machines, not the neighbours.)

Righteo, now that you have realised I am completely insane, I'll leave you to it. I need to go and shut up the Ab King Pro. He's loud! Obviously been drinking. Mind you, it's still pitch dark out there, the birds are still asleep and it feels suspiciously like there might be frost on the ground. Do I really want to go and hang with a drunken Ab King in these conditions? I might make the lunches first and then head out there ... you know ... when he has sobered up a bit.


An hour or so later - An exercise in accountability:
100 sit-ups CHECK
200 leg/butt thingos CHECK
30 dips CHECK
a hand full of push ups CHECK
PS it was the Leg Master Pro doing the drunken yelling, not the Ab King

An apple CHECK
4 x vita-wheat crispbread with extra light philli and avocado CHECK
cup of green tea CHECK

Happy, smiling, ready for the day CHECK

Almost forgot about it! It happened at 2.30pm (after working at school and then seeing client). Left over pasta: chicken, sweet potato, peas, avocado in a sauce** of mushed pumpkin, cashews and parmesan (** actually a store bought dip)

2 slices of home made seafood pizza (thanks husband)

Do you want to get in on this fitness challenge? Join Diminishing Lucy's blog hop to fitness!


  1. Hahhaha. I am know to scream "Shut the feck up" to the microwave and the bread machine, with their incessant bloody beeping.

  2. I'm with Lucy, we have a buzzer on our dryer (WHERE is the "silent" switch?) that makes me and all our pets jump out of our SKIN every time it goes off! Who designs these things?!

  3. You are a goddess and a legend. Now add YOUR link. xx

  4. Ohhh, I forgot to add my link! LOL. Okey dokey

  5. There's a horrid noise that lets the entire neighborhood know that my eggs are done when I cheat and hard cook them in the gadget rather than the "real" way on the stove. It actually made my son AND dog cry the first time. Now they just run and hide :)


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