Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 229

I've woken up at an ungodly hour again. Hey, why do we say ungodly? I guess it is not an ungodly hour. Being awake at 3.30am could be totally Godlike. I mean, God is supposedly everywhere all the time isn't he (or is that she?) so how can something referencing time be ungodly? So let's change that. I've woken up at a frustratingly early hour again. Nope. That's no good either because I've changed my vocabulary remember. We don't say frustrated any more, but fascinated instead. Let's start this whole post again ...

Isn't it fascinating how I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep? Yes it is. Absolutely fascinating.

Why can't I sleep? Well there are no middle of the night monsters as such, just brain chatter. The first thing I thought about when I looked at the clock was "wow, it's 3.30, I don't often wake up at 3.30. 1.30 sure, 2.30 often, 4.30 happens, but 3.30? That's a whole new time to be waking up." But then I remembered that 3.30 is not a whole new time to be waking up because we actually did that last Sunday - set the alarm and everything - so we could join the masses at the local trash and treasure markets to flog all the shit we'd been hoarding in the garage. We had to be there by 4.30 to secure our spot and then the other stall owners converge on you to pick through your stuff and see if they can buy it from you and then flog it for more money on their own stalls. Then the real trash enthusiasts arrive at around 5.30 to take your junk and add it to their junk at home for a wonderful hoard-fest. And then at round 8.00am the families start arriving to meander through the place for cheap toys, second-hand clothes, knick knacks, collectibles and furniture. It's all over by midday. An interesting experience, and one that I left in the capable hands of my very trash n treasure savvy husband. The whole bartering, wheeling and dealing, and haggling is not something I am comfortable with. I was out of my zone!

But I digress. I was just trying to establish that 3.30 is not a new and foreign wake-up time.

Then as I listened to my brain chatter I thought "wow, what a lot of brain chatter!" and I gave thanks to my blog. What would I do with all this wealth inside my head if I didn't have an outlet in which to write it all down? So I started doing this internal bowing to the Blogger Gods (and all you blog dogs) for creating the phenomenon that is instant publishing. But that then took me to the whole publishing journey and my mind started picking up speed as I raced through the kids books stuff, past my publishing dog, bowled over a few more options, and then skidded to a halt at a pit stop to load up with fuel and change a few brain tyres. My brain then went hurtling back out to the track where I whizzed about with more brain chatter, speeding back past my blog, and around a bend where the brain race overtook DFF and started following a meatier version of my blog that had an affair and a stalker and an AVO. Which got me to thinking about DFF the novel! Well, making it fictional would be better than actually going out and having an affair which leads to the stalker and then an AVO, wouldn't it? (But then, even in writing fiction there will be research required so perhaps a little dalliance to the "other side" may be in order.) So as my brain race skidded to another pitstop at that thought (at around 4.30am) I slowly edged out of bed in "fascination" to put some order to my mind maneuvers (and to go to the toilet because the death defying brain race kind of gave me butterflies which in turn gave me gastro).

And here I am! Ready to start my day and my new project. Awesome!


Totally awesome.

You betcha.

Ah huh.

Another project.

Dumdy dum.



Because, you know, I've got all the time in the world to start a new project. Well, I mean, now that I've added 3.30am to my list of wake-up times and all. All the time in the world ...

An exercise in accountability:

Friday is supposed to be another run day. Okey dokey then. Let's do it.
3km jog with the dog in tow. CHECK. (bloody cold out there)

For breakfast I had:
4 x vita wheat with extra light phili and avocado
cup of green tea
(ran out of fruit .... off to buy more)

Morning tea:
Apple juice

Peas, carrots and left over silverside (small meal serving the size of a saucer)
A piece of chocolate .... ok ... who am I kidding ... 3 pieces of chocolate.
Green tea.

Subway 6 inch chicken and salad (eat Frrrrrresh!)

A number of bourbon and cokes

Felt tired after 3.30am wake up but sucked it up and did the thing. Feel somewhat superior as a result!

Don't forget the whole fit and fabulous blog hop thingimo for all of you wanting to join the weight loss and exercise challenge. Want to join us, then follow me, and then press the link thing down on my side bar, and then copy some stuff in your blog, and then other stuff will happen. Or just ask Lucy at and she will tell ya!
Check out how others are doing:


  1. For someone that doesn't drink coffee Leanne, your brain is on at an amazing speed....

  2. Oh my, could you imagine me on coffee? Geez ...


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