Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 232

Shhhh. Blog and jog hour has been brought forward by an hour. Read quietly. Don't want to wake anyone up.

Ok, so you'll remember how I was having a bit of a whine about not having boot camp to keep me fit anymore and how I was kind of failing to exercise properly on my own (click here to read), and then you will remember that I established myself some goals and a firm exercise program (click here to check out that post), well today is day one of that program and I am off to check out this running club for the first time.

Holy shit. Not so holy actually. Just plain shit. Oh ... toilet run ... hang on ...

Yes, I'm nervous. I have no clue what to expect. I mean, what if this running club run like 20km as a warm up phase. Or what if their idea of pleasure is actual running (not jogging) for like 10kms. What if these are marathon people. Oh man. The furthest I have ever run in one session is 5km. Shit. And I literally almost poo'ed my pants doing that it was so hard. Shit. Hang on ...

I'm a bit out of my comfort zone here. But then again, I felt exactly like this the day I first ever went to boot camp. Well, if the truth be known I felt like this every day I went to boot camp for the first month! I'd be going to the toilet constantly before I headed out the door, too scared to eat because I would have something in my stomach to vomit. Too scared to drink water because it would mean I might need to pee in the middle of boot camp. But at the same time needing to carry a big arse water bottle with me as I exercised because I would get so damn dry and thirsty from all that air gulping. Yes, they were very nervous times. Yep, was out of my comfort zone. a year of that has seen me expand that comfort zone though, so it's all good.

But as I sit here chowing down on my apple and drinking my preparatory water, I'm no less nervous about this running club business. It makes it worse after I've actually read the fine print in the advertisement which says this is a free activity for gym members. I'm not a member of that gym! Actually, I'm not a member of any gym. The lady that recommended this to me (and who will be there this morning) told me not to worry about that, she's not a member either, but I am still freaking out none-the-less. Like I am going to be ostracised or arrested for like jog stealing. But then again, we are running outside, in a public area, so I guess I could just run like 10 metres behind everyone and technically not be part of the running club and therefore out of the need to pay zone. Oh shit. Hang on ...

Ok, I'm back. And I am ready. Got my gear on (wore it to bed last night to make this easier). Got my shoes on (Max didn't flinch as we watched me tie the laces - too early for him to be excited about possible walk). Got a big huge sweater on (freakin' freezing this morning). Finished my apple (did you know that eating an apple before exercise kick starts your metabolism and you burn more calories than you would have otherwise?), and I've adequately hydrated myself (I hope).

Let's hit the pavement ....

Will tell you all about it a bit later.

An hour and a half later
Well, I did it! I turned up and recognised some people and I didn't get ostracised nor glared at. I was welcomed with open arms and lots of encouragement. We had a choice of the full run or the smaller run. I chose the smaller one given the full one was 8km. I didn't want to do myself in during my first session.

And I did it, not easily but I didn't shit myself or anything or vomit or pass out. I did walk for a bit of it when my stomach started to threaten some projectile action, but then I got back to the business of running. I was the first to finish the short run. I have to say though I was pleased when I discovered (after the event) that the short run was actually close to 5km. That pleased me very much because while I was out there I was thinking "shit, I'm kidding myself thinking I normally run 3km with Max" because this felt heaps and heaps longer. But it was 5km so that's good! And I didn't get arrested for free jogging, so that is also good.

Anyway, off to shower and get ready for the day ahead. Ciao Ciao!


  1. Oh that is such good news. I read your earlier entry and tried to comment with an "Eeeek!" but I am shaped and it all takes too long. So I am very glad to be back from my run to see you did a brilliant job! No shits! WELL DONE! Bet you feel great now? xx

  2. Well done. I've been reading blogs this morning instead of exercising. Thanks for the motivation to get off my bum.

  3. Love it! What a fantastic way to start the week. Let me know how the DOMS feels on Wednesday ... :)

  4. Well Done :) . So when are you going next? ;)

  5. Thanks so much for your encouragement! You motivate me to keep going. The next running club session is next Monday (they do Wed nights and Saturday mornings but on Wed arvo I coach my Mini Star cheerleaders and on Saturday mornings I am hoping to sign up to a $10 a session local boot camp). Tomorrow is my DVD yoga session, and a nice little run with the dog on Wednesday. Hey Simone, what is DOMS? Once I know what it is, I'll tell you how it feels ... :) Is that my knee buso? If so, they are hurting today already, but I am rubbing them heaps and doing the icing thing so am hoping they will survive ... Got Cheer coaching this arvo with my Cheer Chicks and my Cheer Angels so might have the give the cheer jumps a miss ...

  6. DOMS = Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Usually arrives the day after the day after whatever it is that you did ... and usually hurts a bit. If it hits I prescribe a gentle walk and lush bath with yummy oils; and if you can find someone willing, a massage always helps. Icing knees right now sounds good.

  7. this is so much fun. i can totally relate to your anticipatory energy. then you come back and say i did it. adrenaline is crazy.


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