Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 235

Ok, here we are on a Thursday. I am getting tireder and tireder as the week progresses. It's been back to back between juggling the hours at the school, cheerleading, my business, exercise and a couple of "cuppa" catch-ups with friends. There has been no time for the author within me, nor any time to manage the house. No time for the occasional rest session in front of Ellen as I eat lunch and fold washing. Nope. Lunch has been gulped on the hop and I have forgotten who Ellen is completely. My family is retrieving their clothes from the basket each day ... it's almost empty. So is the fridge ...

But it's all good! I am not hating any of my jobs. No siree. Quite the opposite in fact. Working with the year 3 children is very rewarding and while teaching them certain literacy principles I am learning a lot myself which will definitely help me write the next set of books. My business is plodding along nicely, and while I may not always earn lots of money from it, I know I am making a difference in the lives of many. Besides, sometimes I trade fee for service and just this week I was given the most beautiful bracelet as payment from my jewellery designer client. You can't complain about that! Well, you all know how the exercise is going. I've been telling you all about it. It's happening (and that's the main thing). Catching up with some long-lost buddies has been great! I organised the cuppa sessions weeks ago, long before my week busied up around me, but I am glad I have kept the appointments because sometimes it's just too long between drinks. And then there is cheerleading.

Ok, as you all know I am the principal coach and joint coordinator for cheerleading at our school. It started 2 years ago when my daughter said "Mum, I want to be a cheerleader" and with me saying "grab a few friends we'll do something in the playground after school". You'll also remember that I know (make that knew) nothing about cheerleading so made it up as I went along and the rest has been learned by trial and error, and from the internet. We started off with 13 cheerleaders and me, we now have 90 competitive cheerleaders with 3 coaches, plus another 20-40 kids doing cheerleading within school hours for fun an fitness. So, it's grown just a bit.

I spend about 4-10 hours a week on cheerleading. At the moment I am running the poms side of the business (that's the dance side ... with pom poms) while my joint coordinator is doing the cheer side (that's the gymnastics and pyramids side). She now has accreditation in that area which I will one day get around to doing as well. So I create poms routines, work on cheer philosophy (to make sure we create good self esteem and confidence in every child, while at the same time ensuring we don't end up with a pack of elitist "I'm better than you" bitches), manage the training website, communicate with the parents, train with the kids, get them competition ready and so on. The other coaches also have their roles and responsibilities too. I guess the point of this post is, it takes a lot of time. And the face-t0-face hours can be quite intense. I mean, you are working with kids! Very spirited, excited and cheerific children. Kids who don't want to be quiet and listen. Kids that want to shake their poms and do a bit of "rah rah". Kids who love to give me a headache to take home as a reminder of their spirit, but who also hug me in the playground and street as I live the life of a rock star in our local area. Kids who I love dearly, but who still manage to wear me down. Not unlike home really. The little ones do my head in the most. I have a team of 21 6-7 year olds and it takes an enormous amount of patience to get through their training hour with them. I bow to the Kindergarten Gods who are their teachers because they have to get through 6 hours with them every day, 5 days a week! I only have to manage an hour a week. I come out exhausted. They have attention spans of gnats! Someone told me recently that you take their age and double it to determine just how long you can hold their attention at any given task. Ok, so I'm gonna get 12-14 minutes from them tops. Makes sense. That's about all I get. Makes for a long hour ...

So I came home exhausted last night and explained the theory to my husband. Hmmm, he pondered. I'd be lucky to get 44 minutes of attention from him. You're right. And that's supposed to be 88 minutes ... you double it. I rest my case, he said. We then started the discussion on what if you actually have a really long attention span, does that change your mind age? Like I can sit on task for a really long time, but not sure anyone can do 80 minutes. Yeah, maybe I could. Yeah, I could. So what if I can do like 120 minutes. Does that make me 60? Is it actually better to have a shorter attention span so you can stay younger? Hmmm. Anyway, that's definitely a discussion that would require alcohol. Can't have that one with a clear and fully attentive brain.

So anyway, the point of this post is that I am getting tireder and tireder and the light at the end of my tunnel doesn't snap on until Sunday. I've gone and bloody well organised some major cheer dude from World Cup Cheerleading to travel to Canberra this weekend to run a workshop with our competition cheerleaders. I'm hosting him. I am coordinating/running the event. I am a glutton for punishment. I am definitely deep fried. I am stuffed.

Yes, yes, yes ... I know it's Thursday which makes it strength day in the ol' exercise department. Don't panic. Just as soon as the sun rises a bit I'll be out on my front balcony hangin' with the talking machines and doing a bit of muscle stuff.

Enjoy your Thursday y'all!! Hope yours is as cheerific as mine is bound to be.


  1. YOU are cheerfific to my mornings, pom pom chick.

  2. You sure have been busy, wear lots of red, it'll keep your energy up. Thats my ploy as I plod through the rest of the week too.


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