Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 237

Sunday is the day of rest. No really, I mean it. Today is nothing but splatsville. Nothing on. No commitments. No need to get dressed. Just splat. The fact that it is raining outside helps with that declaration. Splat Sunday.

We had our long awaited World Cup Cheerleading workshop yesterday which was absolutely cheerific. The kids and coaches grew so much through the experience. Watching the smile on the kids faces and their confidence grow through their stunts was invaluable. As coaches we have never had the skill or confidence to push them in higher level stunts, but the cheer dude knew it all and had them lifting each other in the air above their heads with trust and strength and glee, and then throwing them and catching them in basket/cradle position.

Speaking of Glee I'm going to have to have a serious think about my cheer coach tracksuit. I have this nice shiny matching trackie in our cheerleading colours and everytime I see the show Glee with the awful bitchy and anti-cheerful cheerleading coach wearing her matching trackie I am thinking "must change my trackie". Any ideas? And no, I will not be wearing a mini-skirt and crop top...

Ok. It's splat Sunday. And I have some serious splat to get done. All that splat won't get done on its own. Someone has to do it. Might as well be me ...


  1. How about yoga pants paired with the jacket instead? Or even yoga capris? I'm sure you rock it better than Sue anyway.

    I'm happy that you liked it! And flattered. Have a wonderful splat.

  2. Oh, look, JBS was here! [Hi!]

    Leanne, I have to say the idea of "Splat Sunday" sounds so appealing . . . just the right words for a great concept. =)

  3. I have to share that a friend of mine has her 'good going out tracksuit' that is navy valour -please do NOT do that!!! LOL

  4. Ahhahhh, as I sit in in my NAVY BLUE VELOUR I was thinking how very lounge I feel!

    Glad yesterday went so well. xx

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

    To answer your question: I decided to mix it up! I took the kids for an impromptu camping trip for some hiking, fishing and (lots and lots of) swimming. It was AWESOME! Probably going back for a few days soon.

    And as tired as I am? I finally see that it doesn't have to be structured movement to count! We were able to eat healthy, too! Very proud of the kiddos for putting up with me.

    I'm delighted to be following you!


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