Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 240

Look at that. Day 240. A nice round number full of promise and action.


Not happening.

My body is totally letting me down. Or have I somehow let it down? Either way, I'm like the walking dead with all the creaks and cricks to boot.

No posting from me this morning. Not even my "every day's a sunny day" mug can help me now.

Might log on again later if I am back in the land of the living.

For now I plan to drag my sorry arse about the place and revel in the shit that I feel.


  1. I'm sorry your body is dancing to the beat of a different tune. It sounds like it wants to waltz whilst your usual energetic deep fried fruit self wants to disco. I hope you'll let the waltz win out for a few days, relax, give yourself permission to slow down (no guilt allowed or it defeats the purpose) & you'll be back to ur disco days in no time. Listen to your body, it's talking to you...albiet in a rude, harsh, grumpy manner ;-). But show it some love & gentleness & I'm sure you'll be back to your fabulous deep fried fruit best in no time. Feel better xox

  2. You do sound bad.
    All I can think to suggest is loads of sleep and loads of water.
    I know that rest is easier said than done. Maybe you really MUST take an actual sick day?

  3. Tomorrow's another day...I hope you feel better soon!!!

  4. Urgh! I hope today is a better day!


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