Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 242

Far out Brussels sprout!

That’s all. I just wanted to say far out Brussels sprout. I’ve also got a geez Louise in there and a boo hoo Amy Lou (in case you're interested).

I was going through my drawer and discovered some really sad looking knickers. Yep, got the g-strings to ensure no VPL, also got the scuba suits to suck in everything until nothing can escape (even the gas which creates a whole world of pain), and the lacy ones, some with frills, a couple of boy leg pairs and some hipster ones that make your butt cheeks peak out below in a sad kind of saggy reverse cleavage. Also got my nanna knickers for that time of month, and the nice comfortable and very functional flesh coloured full brief for wearing under white pants. I gotta tell you though, that they’re all looking a bit thread bare and kind of wilted. That is what prompted the Far Our Brussel Sprout exclamation. I mean, if I was going on a trip right now, I’d be very nervous about Customs opening up my suitcase to find what could well be thought of as dusting rags. And worse, if I was actually heading to the USA this month (as originally intended) to stay with my soul sista over in Pennsylvania, I would not want these under garments to be hanging on her line. Our neighbours recently erected a fence extension (in which to grow vine) at the fence next to our clothes line, and I thought it was because my undies were creating a stir with the teenagers, but I am now thinking it is because the undies are just plain hideous and staring at them is changing the flavour of their soup. Hmm. Ok then, time for a little shopping expedition me thinks.

PS It's Friday and I have forgotten how to flog my blog? Can someone remind me ...

PPS Oh looky! Seek and you shall find ...



  1. L, You are effing hysterical!!! "scuba suit?" *snort* Priceless . . . I needed this laugh, thank you! =)


  2. Scuba suit?! Oh, spanks you!

    Get thee to a lovely shop and stock up. Bras too?

  3. Hahahaha! Have fun shopping. :)

  4. Yes, it's probably time for me to do the same. I'm still wearing some massive nana-knickers I wore when I was pregnant. My daughter is 20 months old.

    Found you from FYBF.

  5. I only recently started wearing undies again. For years I went commando. Mostly because I'm ridiculous (according to my fiance) and I need to match the undies to the bra which takes extra time each morning digging around.

    Found you via Flog Yo Blog!

  6. Welcome Newbies! Follow me, follow me, follow me (I say this as i jump up and down in glee).

  7. OMG,I sound desperate. Don't be scared. I'm just feeling a bit over excited today.


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