Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 245

It's just coming up to 5.30am. I've been awake pretty much since 2.00am although it was too cold to get out of bed so I just snuggled into the warmth of the flannel sheets and dozed on and off. But now I'm up.

I seriously contemplated not getting up, but I have that Monday running group thingimo I "committed" to. I am due there in 20 minutes. I'm dressed and ready. Eating my apple.

It's bloody cold. Did I mention that already? It is extremely cold. My feet are refusing to come out of my Ugg boots which is going to make putting my sneakers on a bit difficult. My toes have clamped onto the wool and won't let go. A bit of separation anxiety going on there ...

Sigh. Ok. Let's get this show on the road. Gloves ... I'll need gloves. I just looked up the Bureau of Meteorology website and apparently it is -3 degrees out there. MINUS 3!! Probably shouldn't have looked that up. That's not going to encourage my toes to let go ...

Sigh. Why am I doing this? Some bullshit about being fit and fabulous at 40. Also something about "there is no success without action". I think I may have also committed to losing a few kg weight to trim up the muffin top. I can be very annoying. And so can you if the truth be known. You all out there reading this bloody dribble that comes out of my mouth, and knowing that I have committed to this running thing. You know that's what is making me do this thing today. I was laying in bed ensconced in flannel contemplating ditching the whole running group thing but then I thought "my fellow blog dogs will find out". Yes, yes, yes. I know that the commitment is mine alone and that the only person I should be accountable to is myself. I KNOW all that. Believe me I know. But encouragement is ours to share ... so ... thanks for the encouragement.

I'm out of here. I'll let you know how it goes.

An hour or so later:
All done! So pleased I did it. My feet finally forgave me for removing the Uggs. We headed out into the frost and hit the pavement for some lakeside jogging. Talked up a foggy storm with fellow runners and returned feeling fit and fabulous. My knees were a little irritated about the whole thing, but they'll survive. Great way to start the week.

Yep, thanks for the encouragement.


  1. Woof. This fellow blog dog is up too. Tis effing freezin' here as well.

    You know you want to.......

  2. Lucy - you were foremost on my mind as I contemplated ditching. Thanks :)

  3. Gosh running in -3, you are my hero! Well done, keep it up. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.Mich x

  4. Well, look at you! You rock! ;)


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