Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 246

This early bird isn't very early today and as a result someone could have stolen my worm. Here wormy wormy wormy, here wormy wormy wormy .... oh no, there he is. Still have my worm. PHEW!

I may be late to blog and jog hour but I am still earlier than the feathered variety birds ... as yet there is not a peak coming from the trees outside my window. I hope they weren't relying on me to be their alarm clock on this dark and cold wintry morn ...

My little sleep in until 6.15 was well deserved though. As I stretch and yawn and try to unlock my back one vertebrae at a time I not only think about the wonderful day ahead but reflect on that which was yesterday. I have a blank sheet of paper in front on me in which to create today's world, and a very satisfyingly garbled piece of paper from yesterday full of ticks and highlights. After spending last week feeling grumbly and unwell and warding off the winter blues, I'm taking some of my own medicine this week and staying one step ahead of the winter blues by turning inaction into action. There is no "should" in my vocabulary this week.

"Should will keep you standing still, instead try could or can or will"

That is a direct quote from "I Will, I Will, I Will" by this fabulous children's book author, Leanne Shea Langdown. If you want to see more about her click here

Is there something you should do that will help you move ahead?

If there’s something you should do say could, can, will instead.

Could, can, will helps things get done.

Could, can, will makes life more fun.

I will, I will, I will I say!

I will make it happen today.

Yep, that's one of mine. Or should I say, part-thereof. I spent time making contact with my publishing dog yesterday, followed up on the Foreword for the above book, and set about writing my fifth. It's about time I took a leaf out of my own book.

Now it's time for me to start getting creative with today's blank sheet of paper.

What WILL you do today?


  1. Sounds so peaceful. I hope today is fabulous for you!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful inspiration! I'm off to make something happen, dangit!!

  3. I will be chilled. I will play with Lexie. I will be more smiley and less worried. xx

  4. I will be present for my friend and her son and I will find the energy to keep going keep going and help as much as I can.


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