Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 247

La, la, laaaaaa!

Still no birds singing so I thought I would do it for them. Where have all the birdies gone? Dawn just isn't the same without them.

After my big bursts of activity this week I just wanted to share a little story in belief and action.

Three people made a decision to start a newspaper. At the beginning it was just a lark. Something to fill in time. As the newspaper started to take shape, they realised they had a talent. This newspaper was something that was missing in their world. They decided their community needed some positive news, some fun, and some fashion. So they finished their first paper and presented it to a "prominent family member". The prominent family member looked at the paper, marveled at their innovation and gave them a huge thumbs up. It looks great, you should take it to an "agent". The agent looked at it critically, made some notes, recognised the appeal, and gave them a huge thumbs up! Looks great, you should take it to the "gate-keeper". They then took it to the gate-keeper of the community, who read it, clapped and gave them a huge thumbs up! Looks great, you should take it to the "coordinator". The coordinator sat down with them, read it thoroughly, loaded them up with "gold" and gave them a huge thumbs up! It looks great, you should take it to the "master". They spoke to the master who scheduled a meeting for the following day.

The three people were very excited. But before they headed to their meeting with the master they sat down and formulated a business plan. They needed to be able to share their vision confidently, with energy, precision and commitment. They had to have a strategy.

So with that strategy in place, and with the meeting scheduled for 9.10 this morning there is nervousness and excitement in the air ...

The Characters:

Three people - Tahlia and two of her classmates (they are all 10 years old)
The Prominent family member - classmates mother
The agent - me
The gate-keeper - their teacher
The coordinator - their school coordinator
The Master - their school principal
The gold - stickers
The community - the school.

You see I did say this was a little story. It is about little people - small in stature but big in belief and action. It's about a group of kids, one of whom is sitting with me as I type. Now let me just say, that these kids did this all on their own. Completely. There was no idea planted in their heads by the adults in their world. And they didn't sit around talking about "shoulds" or "coulds". It was all "can and will".

The meeting is this morning. They believe their Principal will allow it to move forward. They are happy if the circulation starts out small to begin with. 50 copies they have suggested. They have decided to put out a newspaper each month. They have also decided to back it up with a blog for continued exposure and to invite guests in to contribute to give it a community spirit.

They decided to do all this on their own! They decided to do it, they gave it a go, they believed in their work, they had a whole lot of fun, and they took action. That simple!

No matter what the outcome of their meeting today, they have achieved great things.

Hell, they've inspired me!!

Later in the day:

The Master had his meeting, looked at the newspaper with admiration and awe, heard the business plan and gave them a huge thumbs up! It looks great, you should take it to the people.

Three people are now officially published. A great example of how little people can achieve big things.


  1. That is fantastic! Very inspirational, indeed.

  2. Great work! I hope the meeting goes well for them.

  3. Great work! I hope that they have fun.

    Are you sure those birds are okay? You should start hunting down poisoned bowls.

  4. That is awesome! I hope the newspaper is successful!


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