Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 248


What's going on in your world?

Couldn't sleep last night. Stupid really. Had all the checks and balances in place for a good night sleep, just didn't get it. Couldn't turn my brain off. Had received an email that had my brain in a spin and threw my axis off so that the perfect world I had been living in wasn't quite so perfect anymore. Nothing serious, just some trouble in one of my paradise compartments. Anyway, it had me thinking A LOT! And then I couldn't stop thinking.

So I fiddled and fart-arsed around on the computer, went to the toilet a few times, turned on the TV for some mindless dribble at which point I discovered Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Now there's some axis-spinning television. I watched it with amusement which turned to crazed curiosity. What is up with the step father's face? It is so tight! And kind of has pointy bits. There have obviously been a whole LOAD of nips and tucks in there. Wow. He looked like one of the Thunderbirds. So I got very intrigued and had to know more. So I Googled him. Only I didn't know who "him" was. Who was this masked man? And why is his mask glued on so tight?

Google has amazing powers. I typed in "who is married to Kris Kardashian" and the answer was "Bruce Jenner". So then I googled "who is Bruce Jenner" and it said "married to Kris Kardashian". Excellent. But further probing had me find out that, among other things, he was famous for winning gold in the decathlon in the 1976 Olympics. Ha! There you go. Decathlon would give you a very tight and pointy face wouldn't it? Yup.

Anyway, that was enough to turn my brain off. I went to bed thinking of the Thunderbirds and order was restored. Sure, I have had only 4 hours sleep, and sure, my brain is starting to whir again, but at least I know who Bruce Jenner is and I know what a Kardashian is, and I know that the Thunderbirds are are alive and well.


  1. At the very least, that family is enough to make anyone feel good about their own problems. Between all of them, they have the combined depth of a teacup saucer.

  2. Hi Leanne I hope you have a better nights sleep tonight. Hard to switch off the brain sometimes, a bit like me, lots going on.

  3. Sweet dreams tonight. I hope you don't dream about Bruce Jenner.

  4. LOL UM. So do I!!!
    And yes WL, teacup saucer is a great description.
    Hey Kas, still trying to find that elusive off button ...

  5. Eeek! Yours is about the 5th blog post I have read about sleep issues.......arrggh!


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