Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 249

Dear Garage Door

Thanks for just gouging the bumper on our car rather than ripping it off completely. Apparently I didn’t pull the car into the garage far enough. Did you hurt yourself? No, well I hurt myself when I kicked you. Sorry ‘bout that.


Enough said.

You know how yesterday I made reference to Bruce Jenner and suggested he may have been made out of wood? Well, Karma came and bit me on the face giving me an excruciating sinus headache as a result. My face was definitely turned to wood ... with nails driven into it just to emphasise the point. Sorry Bruce. I take back the Thunderbird statement. Now please stop hammering nails into that doll...

Hey, I got another Blogger Award a week or so back and I haven't even acknowledged it yet! I got the Mind Blowing Award from the wonderful and very energetic Lucy at Thanks Lucy!

I would like to now pass this award to people who make me smile. Sometimes they make me laugh but they always make me smile. I am passing this award on to:

Soy Mami for her lovely blog filled with happiness and inspiration. You can visit her at

Unknown Mami for her humour and fun and positivity. You can visit her at

Journey Beyond Survival for living her life to the full despite (or perhaps because of) the challenges in her life. And because she makes me smile

Anything Fits a Naked Man because she teaches me stuff and writes really long posts and I feel like I am reading some great magazine article.

And to Insert My Blog Name Here for writing stuff I TOTALLY understand, can relate to and wish I had written myself

I hope you all enjoy your Mind Blowing Award!

Now that I have flogged those blogs, it is time to flog some more on Flog Your Blog Friday! Woot Woot!


  1. oh fuck. that is so so 'noying......

  2. Hey! Thanks a lot! It is extremely challenging to need a packet of Pampers for myself. But, I persevere and get the best of it anyway. I shall overcome!


    I shall do this soon...

  3. OK, my mind is officially blown!! Thanks so much!!

  4. Thank you so much for the award! I had a really crappy day today and you really cheered me up with your comment! x

  5. Congratulations Leanne!!!

    U totally are a Mind Blowing Blogger!!! :D :D

    Awww.. about the car though!

  6. Poor car, poor foot. My hubby got mad once and picked one of those foam coolers things (this was back in the 80s) and his foot went through it and he got stuck hobbling around with it on his foot while the rest of us rolled on the lawn laughing. So the only thing he hurt was his pride, but at least it was a lesson for us not to kick anything.

    Hope the damage wasn't too bad. Hugs xxx


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