Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 250

Rhubarb, quince and beetroot.

Ok, so I know what beetroot is but why would anyone cook with rhubarb and quince? As I have told you all before, I am NOT a foodie and therefore not a Master Chef, but I was reading this whole cooking thingimo in a mag and they highlighted the aforementioned items.

The only thing I know abut rhubarb is that I used to say it instead of singing during choir. I can’t sing. Oh hang on, the non-deep-fried version of me would say “I am a little off key”. Can’t is not in my vocabulary. Sorry, I forgot. But when I was in high school and we would put on these all-of-school performances I would have to be part of the background choir and instead of singing I would mouth “rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb”. Apparently it is a word that twists your mouth in all the right directions to make it look like you are saying something intelligent (or in my case singing something intelligent). A reliable source told me at the time (was there ever a reliable source in high school?) that extras in movies, TV and advertisements didn’t have lines, but rather said “rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb”. So in all my belief and wonder I would simply mouth “rhubarb” and the world would (apparently) believe I was singing in angelic glory. And that my dear readers is the extent of my rhubarb experience.

Now let’s get to quince. What is a quince and why would I want to eat it? The word quince makes me think of squint for some reason, so if you serve me something with quince in it I will probably think of some squinty old dude’s eyeball. Actually, I will probably imagine Quincey PI’s old squinty eye ball. Yes, yes, yes, I am too young for Quincy PI which is why I reference him as some old dude. The only other Quincy or quince I have experienced was my soul brotha’s dog (called Quincy) who had an arse hole that was always on display and looked rather like a squinty old dude’s eye ball. Definitely not gonna cook with that!

But I do know beetroot!! Yes sireee. I love my beetroot. Why is beetroot predominantly regarded as an Aussie cuisine? Whenever the Aussie burger comes out it always has beetroot. For my Yankee mates this is (I believe) silver beet. Not sure why it became authentically Australian but maybe because no on else would take it. We have such a little list of items that are all our own, and perhaps this was at the top of the "no country owns this yet" heap, so we took it. I dunno, but beetroot is cool and hip and happening. I could probably cook with, and eat, beetroot.

The other two …. Not so much.


  1. I would add squash to that list. It must be the most useless vegetable ever!

  2. Kelly! You're back!! Nice to see you by fellow blog dog.

  3. MmmmMmmm. Squash. Olive oil, Onion, garlic, crookneck yellow squash. So. Good.

    When I was little I used to go outside and eat the rhubarb. I've never had rhubarb pie, I just liked the sour.

    I think quince is some kind of pasta?

    I have no idea what beetroot or silver beet or anything is.

  4. Lattice-top strawberry-rhubarb pie. To die for. Make it every summer!

    And I loved roasted beets though I'm a rarity. Most Americans have no idea what to do with it. I slice them, put a little olive oil and sea salt on them and roast them with my other veggies (including squash). Yum yum.

  5. Cool post! - I'm a beetroot lover myself... tho since the kiddies have been in the house - I choose not to have beetroot... LOL

  6. Oh Leanne. When you are in Adelaide I will treat you to rhubard tart, rhubard crumble and rhubard jams and jellies. I LOVE the stuff. It is divine.

    If you like beetroot, this is its sweeter but just as purpley cousin.

    The first thing I nagged about when we moved to our current home was getting the rhubard rhizome planted!

    Rhubard & ginger tart tomorrow night...

  7. I tried making rhubarb once for the kids. They looked at me with their toddler eyes with the "WTF!!!??" expression on their little faces. I never went back there. Quince is a fruit I think which is nice with cheese and other fancy smancy stuffs. xx

  8. I will not pretend I have not been mouthing "rhubarb" for the past minute or two... I felt intelligent. :)

  9. Mmmmmmmm . . .

    I wonder where I can get an "Aussie Burger" 'round these parts?


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