Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 251

Sorry, not here right now. Off to see a man about a scarecrow ...

Well it was a scarecrowy kind of day with a lovely little junket to a country/coastal town where we wandered the main street checking out the markets which were all part of the annual scarecrow festival! The sun was shining, the locals were smiling, the visitors were happy and the scarecrows were lovely! Fancy having a festival all about a bird piss-er-off-er-er (??!?!).

I decided to head to Professor Google to find out a bit of the history of the good ol' scarecrow. Silly ol' Wikipedia talked about the Scarecrow as fictional comic book character as the first Google port of call. Then Wiki added some bits about the scarecrow being "a human figure or mannequin dressed in old clothes – placed in fields by farmers to discourage birds such as crows". Yep, that's what I was thinkin' it was. During my Google trawl I also learned about the movie "Scarecrow" from 1973 which featured Al Pacino and Gene Hackman. Can't say I've ever seen it ... I also learned about some other scarecrow festivals around the traps, and about a Scarecrow novels series called Hells Island (scary). But the clincher came when I ran smack bang into my publishing dog who has published a book called "Scarecrow Army" which is about the Anzacs in Gallipoli!

My publishing dog. MY DOG! Writing about scarecrow armies. This has got to be a sign?!

Now for those of you who having been reading me for a while you'll know that the last time I spent time at the coast I saw a bulldog morphed into a tree which made me go in search of a publishing dog (yes, yes, I know, I'm as mad as a cut snake). You can read about it here and here.

Now here I am at the coast again, visiting scarecrows, only to be led yet again by Professor Google right back to my publishing dog!!

Goosebumps I tell you, Goosebumps.

Scarecrows and bulldogs and publishers and armies. Must be time for my medication ...


  1. WE have a scarecrow festival 26/27th of this month. Haven't entered this year, but last year's effort was Albert Scareinstein... complete with telescope to gaze at the stars.


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