Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 252

As I sit here watching the soccer World Cup I marvel at the fact that I'm awake at dawn to watch a game I dislike. It's not that I don't appreciate soccer, I do, I just don't choose it as a sport to support. Mainly because it comes second only to religion for conjuring up alliances so intense that they're able to start a world war. Well, maybe not a world war, but violent tirades that spill outside the footy stadium and onto the streets of otherwise calm cities. I just don't understand how sport can create such ferocious fighting instincts! Yeah, yeah, yeah, people are passionate about their sport. I'm passionate about my children's books but it doesn't mean I'm going to start bashing other authors around the head with them when they get published and I don't.

Maybe I should! I could start smacking a few publishers around for sure! The game of soccer is actually very much like the publishing journey. Extremely frustrating! It is absolutely a game of patient persistence. It's no bloody wonder the riots start in the stands. Spectators spend the whole game watching the ball flick here and there, and here and there, and here and there, and just as you near the goal and think that FINALLY someone is going to score a goal the goalie spits it back out again. Bugger. Very frustrating. Still no score. You can spend the whole game without a score! Now that sucks. Just like playing the publishing game. Heading off to the game (sending your stuff to a publisher), making it onto the field (getting past the person opening the envelope), kicking the ball around biding your time until you can set up for a goal (sitting in an in-tray awaiting for your turn to be read), then setting up for a goal (finally getting read) and either scoring (yes, you've made it to the next stage) or having the goalie deflect your ball (having your manuscript sent back home in that pesky self-addressed envelope). I actually made it through an entire game last year (metaphorically) having scored several goals in one game only to lose the game in a penalty shoot-out (got onto the publishing list for 2010 only to drop off in the final cull). Bugger.

Yes, here I am watching the stupid soccer at sparrows fart just so I can support the Aussies in a game that I thought was quite foreign and unappealing to me. But it turns out it isn't foreign at all and I can now understand why the riots start. I've had little riots of my own (tantrums) when my ball is deflected by the goalie (the envelope returns to my letterbox).

Yes. Soccer is very much like the publishing journey. Hmmm. Maybe I can learn to like the sport a little more as we travel together along our fascinating roads.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!!

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  1. Hang in there, little athlete!! I'm sure you will "score" with a published work soon!!


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