Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 253

Wakey, wakey, rise and shine, isn't it a beautiful day!

Well, not yet, but it will be. Right now it is dark, and cold, and ... and ... and ... dark and cold.

Ping pong. That's what we need. A bit of ping pong. That'll warm the bones and wake up the muscles. Might also wake up the neighbourhood of course ...

I was sitting on the toilet in my en suite yesterday (don't worry, I won't go into detail) and I could hear what sounded like a bit of ping pong going on next door. Well, it was either a game of ping pong or it was the Mama chopping veges. I could hear the rhythm of a kind of donk-tap sound.

Donk tap, donk tap, donk tap, donk tap.

Followed by the occasional "wohhhhhh" and "no way" and "yeahhhhh" ....

So either they were playing ping pong or vegetable cutting has become a spectator sport.

So as I sat there on the toilet trying to work out whether it was dinner in progress, or a family game of table tennis, it got me to thinking about the whole ping pong concept and whether or not I would have the hand/eye coordination to be competitive. According to Susan Sarandon who recently opened up a ping pong bar in Manhattan, anyone can play regardless of age or gender. That then got me thinking of the scene in Forrest Gump where he becomes the national ping pong champion, and had me reflecting on an article I had read (maybe the Susan Sarandon one?) where ping pong is supposedly a great brain exercise to ward off Alzheimer's. Which then got me thinking about buying a table tennis table and then building a new room on the house to accommodate it. Which then got me to thinking I'd be driven made picking up all the little balls from around the place and having another surface to dust. Which then got me to thinking about dust in general and why the hell someone hasn't yet invented some big super dust sucker that you can turn on once a day to attract all the dust in the house. Which then reminded me of how "irritable" my sinus' have been and had me adding a trip to the doctor to my mental check list so that I can renew my nasal spray prescription. Which then had me wondering when I was going to have time to do the big family grocery trip, which then had me worried about the week ahead and my usual habit of over-scheduling, which then gave me a sudden urge to go to the toilet because of nerves, at which point I realised I was already there! Good, good. Which then had me listening again to the sound of the neighbours and again I tried to work out if the noise was ping pong or Mama chopping veges.

There was definitely a game of ping pong. It might not have been the neighbours though. I think the main round had just taken place in my brain!

Donk tap, donk tap, donk tap, donk tap.


  1. I love ping pong. I need to investigate a net to hook up over the dining table......cos if my brain tries it, it hurts.

  2. Electric furnace filters. ZAP. Really. 'Course you are probably much more civilized than to have forced air.

    Don't get me started on mental ping pong...


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