Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 255

I have a friend how used to carry her mobile phone in her cleavage. It used to make me laugh, but it also made me wonder if it got all sweaty in there and messed with the phone's buttons. I mean, do your boobs start making random calls as you're bouncing along with your day? And surely a bit of moisture transfer takes place on those hot summer days giving the phone a bit of water damage?

Yep, it used to make me laugh and shake my head. But that was before I tried it. My cleavage doesn't make for the best mobile phone holder because either my rack is too small, or my phone is too big. But I've gotta tell ya - it's a great filing system for the days I need a place for my notes AND it's an awesome place to put the iPod.

Yesterday I was asked to spend a full day at the school working on literacy across a number of grades. Yep, no worries. I've got clients three days this week, but Wednesday is FREE. Lock it in.

Enter the female filo fax.

When you are going between classes (as a contractor) there's no where to lay your hat ... or your handbag. I've often thought of getting myself a bum bag (or fanny pack for my American friends) but my ego just won't let me go down that track. It just wouldn't go with my heels, jewels and lippie (ah yes ... finally there WAS lippie ... applied in the bathroom mirror no less ... but never reapplied because it was a green light kinda day ... which makes wearing it in the first place kind of moot). So no bum bag. And my work pants don't have pockets, nor did the jacket I was wearing. So I decided to try out the lady pocket.

I left my handbag nestled under the front seat of the car and took my keys, my timetable and my iPod in my bra. It worked perfectly!! I did lose the timetable a couple of times as it moved about, but I always found it again. It was nestled under Lady Leftie. My keys were in the main compartment - my boobage - and my iPod was hanging with Royal Rightie. It worked a treat!

Oh, you wanna know why I had my iPod? I was taking cheerleading practice at recess so needed my music source to plug into the speaker thingimo so my gorgeous Cheer Chicks could practice. Pump it LOUDER ....

Yep, thank you Boobie Gods. I for one am not complaining ...


  1. That is funny. All I can think of is an ipod getting stuck and poking me in the boob. But if works....

  2. Hmmm, might have to try this. But where do you draw the line? Calculator? Stapler? Diary?

  3. Awesome! I also think that Kellyansapansa makes an interesting point. I personally feel that a razor blade could pose a problem. Also, an axe or generally anything that won't get through airport security.

  4. My mum stuffs money down her bra - it's really embarassing getting to the checkout as she whips the money out!


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