Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 256

In the words of Will Smith: tic, tic, tic, tic, BOOM!

Beware the Mummy Bomb. I had one explode in my car. It's been a long time since we experienced the full force of a Mummy Bomb, but boy did we feel it yesterday. It took me by surprise, and definitely had the kids quivering. It wasn't pretty.

I reckon we've all got a stash of hand grenades stored inside us. Some people have more than others. Some are big, some are small. The pins might be looser in some than others and therefore come out easier. But I reckon we've all got them.

It was a grenade that exploded in my car on the way to school yesterday. I didn't even know the pin was loose! It just kind of fell out and BANG!!! So unexpected.

My children are renowned for getting along beautifully. Despite the 4 year age gap, they still manage to play together, look after each other, laugh a lot and can cuddle up at the end of the day. But lately there has been a bit of the ol' argy bargy. It starts with niggling, and then you can see the blatant pressing of buttons as they both chip away at making the other explode. Small explosions. No bombs. Just a bit of gun fire. But it's still enough to change the energy of the place. So I sit them down, have a chat, work on the issue and send them back out to play.

Yesterday it started as we were getting ready for school. Someone had shot someone in the face with a nerf bullet, which made someone cry, which made someone retaliate, which made someone else cry ... not targetted or malicious mind you. The original incident was an accident. Poor aim. I had the normal chat. The morning progressed. Then someone stole someone's pen, which made someone fight them for it playfully, which made someone turn play into force, which made someone almost strangle someone, which made someone start screaming. Again, I had a bit of a chat. Then it was time to get out the door for school which made someone run to get a certain seat in the car, which made someone else run as well to fight for the seat, which made for another playful strangling episode with some real life suffocation thrown in. Yet again I had a chat. As we drove down the street the niggling started again as a result of my chat which is around the point the pin came out of my grenade. No warning whatsoever. No build up inside my chest. No series of explosions inside my head. Absolutely no warning at all. The pin just fell out neatly and the bomb exploded.

I slammed on the brakes and screamed STTTTOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPP! All went quiet for a split second, but the bomb kept going. The pin was gone. There was no stopping the grenade now. WILL YOU BOTH JUST SHUUUTTTTTTTT ARRRRRRPPPPPPPP!! I AM SICK TO DEATH OF YOUR FIGHTING!!!!!! JUST SHUT THE HELL ARRRRRPPPPPPPPP! And then I just screamed like a Banshee. Just screamed. It was all very VERY loud. Very explosive. Scared me.

Where the hell did that come from?



Now what happens. I turned to see stunned expressions. Tears about to spill. Shock.

As I drove off I said "and that my dear kids was a Mummy Bomb".

Yep, it certainly was. Do you want more Mummy Bombs? No they don't. Good. Let's stop fighting then. Agreed.

And Mummy best to do some work on hammering those pins in nice and tight.

My throat is still sore ...


  1. Bless. Happens to the best of us! hee hee. It's ok for kids to see not so pretty emotions sometimes. Life is not all butterflies & sugarsweet. You are a fantastic Mum, full of love, patience, sympathy, joy & kindness. It's ok for them to see Mum is human too.

  2. Why do they always go off in the car? ALWAYS

  3. As a Mum of kids newly out of school for summer, I thank you. Mommy Bombs in direct relation to fighting have been testing the youth of our house. :)


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