Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 257

There are two ways I could write this post today. I could write it with frustration and fear and anger and disappointment, or I could write it in a fascinated and opportunistic manner. For those who know me, you know I prefer the fascination approach, but let's face it, even though my frustrations only last for a short amount of time, they do happen. So, let's have some fun and do both shall we?


Nothing but bloody were-wolves, the lot of them. Not nice cuddly and protective Labradors, but people eating, vampire slaying, blood thirsty were-wolves!! THE BASTARDS!!

The bastards said NO. My publishing dog, MY publishing dog, said NO. After all that talk about synchronicity and bull dogs in trees, and scarecrows, and it feeling like home, and other dribble I've been spitting out over the cyber-net I got the message a couple of nights ago that although the stories are sweet they don't fit within their current genre. I am so sick of the word genre!!!!! Don't give me that genre bullshit. You suck! Bastards. Your loss, not mine. Stupid rabid dogs ....


Interestingly enough it turns out the publishing dog isn't the best home for my books after all. Huh! Isn't that fascinating? It seems that it's not quite the fit I'd hoped it would be. I got the message a couple of nights ago, and while they were lovely about it, and complimented my work, they suggested my books were not suitable for their publishing list at this time. How disappointing. It's a bit of a set back. I had a bit of a cry ... just a few tears to shed the frustration .... and I poured myself a double bourbon and coke ... and stomped around the house a bit ... and then I awoke yesterday feeling refreshed and ready for new opportunities. Yep, just another challenge thrown in to keep me honest. Not a huge brick wall that's stopping me dead in my tracks. I can walk around it and continue on my journey. So it's with a whole lot of energy, a bunch of belief, a teaspoon of excitement and a dash of fascination that I move onwards and upwards. Thanks for your consideration publishing dog ... I am grateful for your feedback ... you've inspired me to think outside the box and find greater opportunities.

What do ya think? I'm liking the fascination option myself ...


  1. Go with fascination. It is better for the soul.

    Nothing is more draining than frustration. I can see it in my face and actions when I am feeling it.

    Go out and turn the disappointment around. You will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

    SSG xxx

  2. Ef 'em! But stay fascinated ;)

    Now, come visit my blog and pick up a little something. Why? Because, YOU ROCK, LADY!!!!! =)

  3. Keep at it! Don't let the bastards get you down.

  4. I just skipped the first one. Too tiring. Teh secid one is much more "you" I think. Suits you better......

  5. Yep the optimistic, fascination approach is great. I hope something great is round the corner for you. Mich x

  6. No. Since I'm not the one actually DOING it. I choose FRUSTRATION. Because that is how I would FEEL.


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