Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 260

What are we going to talk about today?

I could talk about how fatigued I am, but that gets boring. I could have a chat about dust and the perils of ducted heating, but it's been done before. How about insomnia and the need for a single bed? Nah. Covered that off months ago. Hmmm. I could talk about publishing but I've flogged that poor horse to death, so let's not talk about that again until I've made some measurable progress. I could talk about money, but since I've been listening to the Feng Shui Gods and have had my toilet lids closed, we are doing surprisingly well financially. Chin hair and the female beard is a good one, but there is nothing new to report on that little deep fried gem (still fiddling with my mane at traffic lights). The whole exercise caper is on hold at the moment due to aforementioned fatigue, insomnia and yesterday's reference to being crazy busy. Oh, I know, I could marvel at how bits and pieces of me continue to go south ... boobs and face are quite noticeable of late. Or I could tackle the age old issue of wind and why farts are funny. What about, my husband is a Labrador? Nope. Covered. My life as a cheerleader? Yes, well that is getting closer. I am spending a lot of my days as both a physical and metaphorical cheerleader of late. Got our first big comp this weekend! I've got 90 cheerleaders at this one. That's keeping me busy. Lots of first timers so working hard on self esteem. We haven't talked about business for a while. I love my chosen profession. The rewards are greater than money. 'Nough said. Hangovers? Sharts? Sinus infections? Migraine? Irritable knees? Nope. No relapses so nothing to report on any of those pearls. The pain, fatigue, fog and frustrations of fibromyalgia? Well no, because we don't give that any energy remember!

Nope. Really nothing to talk about this morning. This entry's a bust ...


  1. Bust, it still makes me smile,. Glad to read that the loo seat bizzo is working.....

  2. You've got some great ideas in there! [can anyone say "chin hair?" ugh.]


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