Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 262

How are your batteries?

Mine are working at full throttle right now with my adrenalin battery keeping this deep fried electronic device functioning. I wish I could actually take my batteries out of a night time and put them on charge, leaving my body limp and lifeless. But it's just not happening. Adrenalin needs to stop! Or something ...

Drugs. Must get drugs.

Or alcohol.

Or a holiday.

Or maybe a good ol' smack around the head.

Too much excitement in my life right now. Well, not PARTY PARTY excitement, but excitement surrounding my projects. Got a US publisher in PA looking at one of my books. They sound quite keen which is nice. Also got the first cheerleading comp of the year this Sunday. Taking 90 cheerleaders to this one! Wow. Add that to working at the school, looking after my client base, and spending lots of time with my family, and I am at capacity. Too much excitement for this little deep fried banana ....

Add all that to watching the Aussies play Serbia in the World Cup at sparrow's fart and I am pumped!

My battery charger is definitely working overtime for me right now. While I thank you Mr Charger, and appreciate your efforts, it is ok to let my batteries go flat from time to time. I would like a deep sleep tonight if that's ok.


  1. All this world cupping and excitment in the Labour Party overnight, I am fairly pumped myself!

  2. Ah, sleep . . . deep, deep, blissful sleep. How I miss it! It's what I should be doing right now [just past midnight U.S.], but I have a fitful baby tonight. Unfortunately, nothing recharges quite like it!


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