Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 263

Apparently, when Kelly Preston gave birth to her daughter she followed the Church of Scientology practice of staying silent throughout the entire process. She said "everything in moments of pain is recorded. You want the birth peaceful and clear of words that can affect the baby's future."


Well my kids are in strife then. When I was in labour I let it all out! I said all the things I would never be able to say in front of them again. I screamed like a Banshee and swore like a ... like a .... like a ... someone who swears a lot. It was shocking.

You can read about it here and here.

Bugger Scientology. I say scream your lungs out!!!

And that's all I've got to say about that ...

It's Friday! You know what that means. Time for some blog flogging


  1. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!

  2. I'd heard that! I'm sorry, perhaps I'm just not that evolved, because I did not hold back on my favorite 'colorful' words. I probably should start saving up for my daughter's therapy? lol! At least it's better than her becoming a Scientologist. =P

  3. Nutters. Sorry, but they just are.

    Off to read your birth stories now......

    (I swear like a navvy at the best of times: you can only imagine how ripe my language got during the births of my babies....)

  4. Whatever gets that baby out I say. I was quiet during my monstrosities births only because if I'd opened my mouth the priests in the church down the road from the hospital would have thought it was The Day of Reckoning.

  5. I just kept begging for an epidural. And the nurse kept promising me one even though Beansprout was crowning.

  6. There is no way I could do a silent birth! lol. It's damn hard and I say scream the house down. It is the one time you can say whatever you want and no one can tell you not to!!

  7. I was very good & they gave me an epi after 24 hrs so it was OK!


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