Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 264

Seven things you always wanted to know about one of my many personalities.

I was presented with an award a week or so ago - the Versatile Blogger Award - (thank you, thank you, thank you) and although I have acknowledged it in the side bar thingimo, I haven't fulfilled my awardee obligations. Mainly because I didn't know what to write about. Excuses, excuses ...

Today is the day to fulfill!

I am supposed to tell you 7 things about me. Those that have followed me from day (1) already know a lot about me. Too much in fact. So what the hell will I write about now?

Ok - this isn't the way the award normally goes ... but I am going to give you seven facts about ONE compartment of my life. Compartment? Yeah. In order to self manage (time management) I divide myself up into my many roles. That way I can dedicate quality time to each. Yeah, well, it kinda works. Sometimes my worlds collide but mostly it works. It would wanna! I recommend it to clients, so need to be walkin the talk ...

Firstly, here are my compartments: Mum, wife, life coach, teachers aide, cheerleading coach, writer/author. Life coach? There's something you didn't know already!! Yeah. Just so you know, there should be a disclaimer that goes with this blog. This is the "warts and all" version of me. The bit where I just divulge and vent and blurb and escape. You want the life coach bit, then go to my website.

So the compartment I am going to focus on is Cheerleading Coach! Why? Because we have our first 2010 competition tomorrow and I am PUMPED!!!

Fact (1): My daughter started this whole caper.
My daughter came to me in 2007 and said "Mummy, I want to be cheerleader!" That's nice dear, but this is Australia. Not much cheerleading here. Anyway, by 2008 I relented and said "ok sweety, why don't you grab a few friends and we'll do some cheering after school". So I went to the school Principal, got permission and offered cheerleading to year 3 students. I ended up with around 20 kids.

Fact (2): I have never been a cheerleader.
I knew nothing about cheerleading. Everything I taught these kids was learned from the internet and Bring It On movies. I didn't even know there was a difference between poms and cheer. There is. I was completely out of my element. Alright. I'm in now. Better get myself informed.

Fact (3): There is cheerleading in Australia - competitions and everything.
I mean, I knew the football teams had "sex leaders" but I didn't know we had a growing force of cheerleaders. By the end of 2008 I had learned about poms and cheer and found some comps. I was watching competition DVDs and looking at my kids thinking "they shit all over these other teams". Hmmm.

Fact (4): I got an assistant coach
I engaged the support of Tahlia's year 3 teacher at the time and she started hanging out with us as we jumped and danced and chanted and cheered. We performed for a local football team at their Christmas party. It was awesome. We were hooked.

Fact (5): We entered a competition
With an assistant coach by my side and a great deal of cheer spirit, by 2009 I was ready to BRING IT ON. So we got competition ready. The squad was now at 13 kids. I created a poms routine and spent heaps of sleepless nights thinking "who do I think I am?" Who am I to do this? I know NOTHING about cheerleading. These poor kids. Oh no. Shit. But it was too late. So I learned. And I put all my success training techniques into action. And I finally had to admit that I AM a cheerleading coach. It's time to BE that person.
And we entered our first comp ..... and we WON!!!! I sobbed the whole way through their routine and afterwards from sheer pride and relief. It was one of the happiest and most fulfilling moments of my life. Nothing will compare to that first comp ...

Fact (6): I am Madam Cheer.
After the success of that first competition, my assistant coach and I decided to open it up to the entire school. Our philosophy is that ANYONE can be a cheerleader. I am a case in point. There are no try outs. Cheerleaders are not to be elitist. The aim of this exercise is to give kids belief in self, build confidence and self worth. ANYONE who wants to do this, and can commit to the comps can join. As you can imagine that means we have a very big squad. I have become known as Madam Cheer. I don't do this on my own. My assistant became a coach and we enlisted another mum to take a couple of teams as well. We now enter not only poms but cheer as well. Also individual events, partner stunts, group stunts. Big learning curve ... stunts, tumbling, pyramids, motions.
Oh, and before I leave fact (6) my original team of 13 were crowned the undisputed state poms champions for 2009. Yeah baby ...

Fact (7): I can fly! Cheerleading truly is cheerful.
If you have the right cheer philosophies in place cheerleading can be a very uplifting and rewarding experience. Forget the bitchiness and elitism of Bring It On movies. My role in this is to show kids that anything is possible. I am Madam Cheer! Our philosophies include belief, spirit, team work, action/commitment and encouragement. Tomorrow is our first comp for 2010. I am beside myself with excitement and pride. We are taking 90 kids to this comp. 90!!!!!! 90 beautiful cheerific children. Yes, I might cry.

You see! Anything is possible. Success is a choice and I chose it. These kids experience success every day as they tumble, lift, dance, jump and smile. You've just got to make the decision, BE the person, throw in some action and a whole wad of joy and BINGO. You can fly ...

So that's that. There are 7 facts about me as a cheerleading coach. Bear with me as I now check out the cyber-net so as to flick this award to 7 other wonderful bloggers who are deserving of the versatile blogger prize. Don't go too far ... I'll be back ....


  1. You cheer me.

    If I can move away from the Sue Sylvester images, I kinda think that this may be something that Oivia and Lexie would have a ball this space in 3 years time!

  2. Absolutely! I'll help you get started if/when you are ready.
    I will be wearing my Sue Sylvester trackie tomorrow ... Will take a photo!!

  3. Leanne,

    Thanks for your wonderfully warm comments, best of luck to Tahlia tommorow.

  4. Good luck too you all for a fun day tomorrow. I had to laugh when I watched Glee on Thursday & Sue was wearing her red tracksuit on a date...with her pearls!! Dare you to try that one Leanne, hee hee!!

  5. Wow, how inspiring!! This would make a great movie! I love the idea of opening it up to everyone and basing it on a philosophy of belief in oneself and teamwork. Yay you!!


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