Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 266

So what does a cheer coach do after a massive day of competition? She goes home and has a Bex and a good lie down. Well, in my case, a couple of muscle relaxants, a spa, a bourbon and an early night.

The competition went off with a BANG! yesterday. We were there early for our scheduled time slot to warm up on the practice floor and then spent 3 hours doing make up and keeping the kids contained and focussed. I had a bunch of parents volunteer for the make up bit so I was free to roam and encourage and roam and sort out music and roam and pull the kids into line and roam and calm their nerves and roam and ... and ... other things that totally filled in my time. It was a huge relief when we put our first competitors on the floor.

What a day! I couldn't be prouder. Our cheerleaders were fantastic and as I switch my hat from coach to Mummy I have to say my own daughter and her team were beyond fantastic. Tahlia's team came second in poms and first in cheer. Overall our squad came in with three 1sts, four 2nds, one 3rd, two 4ths, two individual wins, the trophy for best routine of the day AND the overall spirit trophy!!! I gotta tell ya, we've got good spirit (yes we do). Yep, I couldn't be prouder. I also couldn't be tireder. I need a big holiday to get over this ... and if our plans were in accordance with our original 2010 schedule we'd be on a plane to Pennsylvania. Oh well. We're not. It happens (what does?) ... shit. So we are not on our way to the USA, but instead we are up and at em for another week doing same old same old. Oh well. I might add some sort of spice to my week just to mix it up a bit. No, not spice. Perhaps herbs. Yes, let's make it herbs. I need a week of relaxation. It will start with a cup of camomile tea (or "camel's piss" as my Dad calls it ... "camel's" for short) and I have booked in for a massage tonight. Still got to work at the school, do cheer stuff, take care of business and do the author thing, but will do it all with a herbal state of mind.

Yes, let's make this week herbal.

How's your week shaping up?

(And no, I don't smoke weed. Not that sort of herbal.)


  1. Oh well done well done well done! Overall Spirit trophy......that just makes me smile. Highly appropriate.

    Have a herbalicious week. Twinings Camomile, Honey & Vanilla is a step up from camel's piss.....

  2. Wow, wonderful results :) well done to all the girls and to you of course :D. Sounds like it was an exciting day for everyone :)


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