Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 268

I declare today Daughter Appreciation Day!

Yesterday was actually Father and Son Day at our house so today is going to be Mum and Daughter Day.

Yes, I know, the kids are supposed to be in school, but sometimes you've just got to make them feel super special by giving them a day off without the need to chuck a sickie. Yes, I know, school holidays start next week, but they don't get any one on one time in school holidays, because it's one in all in. So each school term I promise the kids that if they make the most of their school experience Mummy will reward them with a day off to just chill, hang, and be alone with one of their parents. It's a super special reward while everyone else is still slogging it out in the classroom. Kind of like a "flex" day for all you public servants or a "personal day", or maybe even a "rostered day off".

So yesterday Darby got to hang with Daddy as he "worked from home" and they went to the golf driving range to hit some balls, did manly stuff like go to the hardware store, spent some time (and money) on Darby's footy card collectors album and generally pottered about. Daddy still got to do the work he needed to do, while Darby got to feel special and do some father/son bonding. Today I have promised Tahlia her day and we have decided to get dressed up and head in to the city for a "coffee", to people watch, buy a magazine and visit the Smiggle store so that she can stock up on her stationery supplies. I'll have to work for a bit in the day, but that is when she'll just be free to hang at home, watch TV and do whatever a 10 year old without her pesky brother around to bug her does.

Yep, it's Daughter Appreciation Day ... and in our case it's well deserved ...


  1. That is such a great idea :). Just what I need to do here :)

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