Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 269

Do you ever get a case of the fuckity fuckits? Where all you seem to say all day is FFS? I have woken up with the fuckity fuckits and I have no idea why. The day hasn't even started!

Yesterday was a good day. Actually it's been a great week! All I can think is it relates to is this gosh awful dream I had last night which had me screaming and yelling and swearing at people all the way through. What is my sub conscious trying to tell me?

You see, I had come home from a trip to find out my house had been left wide open ... all the doors and the garage door ... only it wasn't my house but a mansion version of my current home. It looked the same from the front ... it was just twice as big once you got inside. And it seemed to be in Sydney or somewhere. Anyway, I arrived home to find the cars gone, the place completely open, the place was a mess, and although nothing was taken it seemed like a robbery. My neighbours were all hanging about their yards not giving me much information. My husband was still a few blocks away having yet to arrive (we seemed to be walking which was odd). Then a long lost uni friend was standing at my front door as I pounded through the house screaming and yelling at the fact a party appeared to have been held in my home. Then my friend came in trying to calm me down telling me my house had been used to hold an information seminar about how to make money and she showed me a suitcase filled with money. Hmmm. I was still pissed (and that's American pissed, not Australian pissed). By now hubby had arrived and didn't seem anywhere near as phased as I was. I was still pounding through the house from room to room assessing the damage. Not much damage, just an obvious "lived in" feel to the place which was wrong given we'd been away and the house had been locked up. I remember feeling an intense lack of respect. I recall going back and grabbing the suitcase of money telling her it was now mine to pay for the "damage" to my house (but I still couldn't really see any damage, just mess). Oh, and it was American money too all rolled up in separate groupings and secured in elastic bands. The frustrating part of the dream was that Derek wasn't at all upset. He was more in awe of the whole money making venture. So I started yelling at him. He started reading the manual as I continued stomping and screaming and yelling at my neighbours. There was also some guy with drugs hanging around the fringes of the dream. By the end of the dream I had decided that Derek, my friend, the drug dealer and my neighbours were all in cahoots and I was the only one who had been left out of the loop. So I kicked them all out and decided to go it alone.

Anyway, I have woken up with the grumps and a sore throat (from all that in-dream screaming no doubt). And if I don't change my mindset in the next few minutes I might end up going through the entire day with a case of the fuckity fuckits.


  1. Goddess, I would love one of those dream analysts to have a go at that one!

    I hear you on the fuckits....

  2. Wow. That one is just ripe. But you probably already know that given your current state of mind.

    Maybe you should just find your zen place. Take a movie of your house and then leave it for everyone else to clean up. Zoom in on the parts that really annoy you. Tell them you'll be back when they get it done. Five stars and a massage should do it.

  3. Wow! I'm impressed you remember that much detail. I never remember any of my dreams.

  4. Sometimes it is hard to shake those dream feelings! My husband claims he doesn't dream and never knows what I am talking about. It's like a dream hangover. Well, hope you can shake it off and have a good day!


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