Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 272

It's 4th July and as America gets ready to celebrate their Independence Day, Derek and I are getting an opportunity to celebrate a bit of independence of our own.

Yesterday we headed to the farm where we got to have a bit of a Christmas in July extended family luncheon with Mum and Dad and Aunts, cousins and grandmother, before dumping the kids on the folks and heading for the hills.

Well, not the hills, but we headed home this morning for some alone time as a couple.

It's a beautiful winters day with the sky as blue as it can be and the birds as vocal as a spring choir. It's heaven! To be honest I was a little sad to leave the farm because walking the paddocks in such beautiful conditions was spiritually energising. And I don't mean that in a airy fairy hippy way, or in a "I love you Jesus" sorta way, but in a "man this country air does wonders for the soul" kinda way. But as much as I would have liked to spend the day hanging with the horses and getting some one on one with nature, I had to say hooroo and return to Castle Langdown for some one on one with the husband instead.

We have agreed, though, that we will stay out of each other's hair all day until it is time to "meet" for our date. We've arranged for a 6.30pm rendezvous. We'll be showered and dressed and all gussied up, and then I will arrive in the formal lounge room where Derek will have the fire lit and some home delivered Chinese food waiting. No doubt there will be champagne and other such aphrodisiacs arranged by the husband. (For anyone who has been reading this blog for a long time you will know that date night means getting Leanne "relaxed" and in the mood for "hand holding". In other words getting her all liquored up so she'll take care of her husband in the manner to which he likes to be cared for. Ho hum. If you're game you can check out one of the many date night adventures here)

So when I say we are celebrating our "independence" I mean that in both the solo and partnership way.

Right now I am independently blogging, and then I will independently potter around the house, and independently flick through the TV stations, and then I might even independently go for a walk in this beautiful winter sunshine. There is not a deadline to meet nor a place to be nor a person to talk to or a plate of food to cut up or an argument to referee for HOURS. And then Derek and I will spend time as a couple eating our food, listening to our kind of music, flicking through TV stations, talking about anything and everything without an interruption, not having to answer to anyone but each other, not having to be responsible for anyone else but us.

All the while our children will be exercising their own little bit of independence at nanny and pops house, skipping over logs, digging holes, climbing trees, riding ponies, and generally having a frolicking good time in the care of grandparent love without parents looking over their shoulder at every step.

Happy Independence Day!!! Hoping you're getting some!

(Independence that is.)


  1. I got me some.

    I am so glad that Castle Langdown is having a little adult party action.

    Frolicking good times for all.


  2. That is a great idea and so cool that both you and your husband understand the importance of solo AND partnership time. Have a great time. My little one is taking a marathon nap! Yay! Didn't think I'd get to check out blogs today, but yippee, there is a moment.

  3. What a great idea! Glad you got some time alone.


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