Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 274

I'm struggling with this whole fitness thing right now. This deep fried body has spent over a year and $2500 getting all fit and firm and fabulous and for a few months now I have done nothing of any significance to keep it that way. In fact, the evil caramello koalas have been coaxing me in the opposite direction.

If you've been following me from day one you will recall I signed up for Boot Camp in the lead up to turning 40 so that I could hit the ground running when I reached the major milestone. I have never actually been fit. To get fit in readiness for my 40th was a huge undertaking and one that required whipping and screaming and "suck it up princess" to get me there. I mean, I wasn't bed ridden and immobile prior to boot camp, but I couldn't run 100 metres without feeling like it was a marathon. Now I can. A year spent waking up at sparrows fart and doing hill sprints, stair runs, dragging tyres, boxing, lunging, burpies, running with logs and doing other push-me-till-I-puke exercises saw my body spring into a shape that had defied me since my early 20s. Yes, I actually became fit, fabulous (if not slightly fatigued) at 40!!

But a bung knee and a lack of funds has meant boot camp is no more. If I want to maintain this physical peak I have to do it without the "encouragement" of my trainers (who by the way were the perfect combination of good and evil and I would recommend them to anyone). I thought this wouldn't be a problem. I started off well combining jogging and dog walking 3 times a week (that became known as blog and jog hour) along with joining a running group and doing some yoga and strength exercises once a week. Then the below zero temperatures of a southern Aussie winter set in and when the birds stopped singing (and the sparrow stopped farting) so did I. I mean, it's dark out there at 6.00am, and it's cold and even the birds refuse to wake up. You're not seriously going to send me outside? Even the boot campers go indoors for two months a year.

So now what do I do? People are encouraging me to join a gym. Sure sure. Yep. But remember, if I had the money I would be still doing boot camp. Our financial priorities extend beyond my body image. Get a buddy. I tried that but no one else wants to be pounding the frozen pavements either. Get a treadmill. I have seriously considered that one but you need a space to put it indoors and as yet I haven't found a space which fits in with the family decor. Do your exercise at a different time of the day. Of course!!!! That's it. I'll fit it in between working at the school, racing home for clients, getting my books published, cheer coaching, doing the house cleaning, raising the kids and spending time with my husband. I found a slot between 2.30 and 2.45 where I could definitely do some daylight exercise. That is about the time I get attacked by caramello koalas instead.

So anyway, I am doing a lot of complaining here and we all know the only person who can make this happen is me, and complaining about it isn't getting me any closer to a new exercise regime. So I have taken a stand and went out and bought a Wii "game" called "My Fitness Coach" to get me started. It's not the Wii Fit because that would have cost me $120 or so, this is just a way to tailor a fitness program, set goals, schedule workouts, track progress and so everything from cardio to yoga in the comfort of the lounge room. And it was only 20 bucks. Anyway, it's a start and I doubt Coach Maya will be telling me to "suck it up princess" nor will she care if I sit down and just watch her as I eat caramello koalas, but it might get me off my butt for short bursts during blog and jog hour.

I'll give it a go and employ my "success is a choice" mantra, and keep you posted ...


  1. You could get one of those treadmills that fold up and slide under the bed or into a closet? Like this one... http://www.horizonfitness.com/products/treadmill/evolveSG.aspx

    Good luck with the new Wii game! :o)

  2. Sounds like you've hit a winter rut. No way can you get me out to run in the winter.

    The good news is, once you get back into the game you remember how great it feels and it's easier to stick with it. Best of luck!

  3. Our Wii remotes have both died int he arse, so no Wii for me.

    BUT I did have an additional thought for you Leanne - I saw it on another blog somewhere - I cannot remember who! http://www.bodyrock.tv

  4. Boy, do I feel your pain! I struggle CONSTANTLY with my weight, and my self discipline to keep it under control. It's never ending, isn't it? Don't give up, you've come so far! You can do this!!

  5. I've been there with all of it. I think you've lit on the right solution for you. You're gonna get there. Keep it up.


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