Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 275

So the kids have returned from their junket. Interestingly enough the youth in this house has not only returned but multiplied! I have my 2 + 3 today which makes for a very raucous school holiday Wednesday. Given it's so darn cold I've got some indoor activities planned. It will start with a Wii tournament, then onto some art, a movie, a big arsed board game and then culminate with a treasure hunt where the prizes will be (you guessed it) evil fundraising Freddos. I think I might actually have it sorted!!!

Now that that's sorted it's time for some coach Maya. A shower wouldn't go a astray either and a bit of chin hair plucking. Might even cut the ol' toe nails given I lanced myself in the leg last night. Oh, and there's a storage cupboard that could do with a bit of a clean out. And a shelf full of kids books. I actually started going through the children's books yesterday but got side-tracked with the illustrations when I was thinking "I could draw that". So my production line of activities for the kids today isn't completely selfless, during the art session I'll get my opportunity to experiment with some illustrations.

Yep, all sorted.

Yes Maya, I'm coming. (Pushy bitch.)


  1. Haha. Sounds like a perfect day.

    I love an evil fund raising freddo! Save me one, would you!

  2. Oh goddess, you make me feel like a shit looker after-er. I had my three plus 3 extras today. A few too many DVD's got watched, and I suspect not enough play..........


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