Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 276

Yesterday's world of kidnom ended up 6 kids strong (the neighbour boy arrived as well) and continued into the night, and low and behold I have woken up to find them all still here (minus the neighbour boy who I am expecting to knock on the door any minute). Yes a day of holiday fun turned into a sleep over. At my invitation of course. What the hell was I thinking?

My best laid plans for an activity production line yesterday didn't quite pan out because the whole Wii caper just kept going and going and going. We did get some art in, and some time outside on the trampoline when the winter sun was shining its beacon right above the bounce-o-dome. But the highlight of the day was definitely the Wii. The noise coming out of the family room yesterday was crazy! I thought I had been transported to a theme park and had to keep checking my surrounds to be sure I was actually still at Castle Langdown. Needless to say my home office took a walk to the slightly less noisy dining room. It was a nice noise though as all the children were synchronous in spirit.

It was around 6.00pm (witching hour) when things started to go pear shaped. My poor Little Darby Doo just has trouble coping in some situations. He's the type of kid who will experience every emotion in a day. He'll have joy, anger, frustration, sadness, embarrassment, laughter, love, fear ... the lot. It's a roller coaster. Yesterday he did well all day. As the youngest he expels a lot of energy just trying to keep up with the older kids, being brave, being clever, and just being able to do everything they can do. Whether it be keeping up with them on the Wii games (instead of always coming last), or doing tricks on the tramp, or drawing a picture, or reading instructions. It's hard for a 6 year old man to live in a world where everyone else is double digits. To their credit the big kids understand this and nurture him. They are very patient (mostly). To his credit he spent the majority of his day in pure joy, but by witching hour he just couldn't do it anymore. He wanted to have some control of the course of action for the next phase of their day, and couldn't get it, and just crumbled. And the tears came. And the frustration. And the anger. And the fear. Add a hit of embarrassment and he was feeling a little worse for wear. So lots of Mummy cuddles were in order and lots of calming words and positive affirmations.

Unfortunately he has woken up this morning filled with great expectation on how the day is going to go, and as the older kids wake up slowly he is already demanding their attention and their conformity. He's a process boy. Things have to happen a certain way and line up for him to feel at peace. There are rules to follow. So it is important that Mummy sets the rules and creates a "program" to follow or the directions will be of his own creation. He's already feeling a bit defensive and its clear to me that today is going to be a bit of a struggle for our little big man. And when he gets like this, if he can't beat them, or join them, he starts to hassle them. He becomes that painful little brother you see in the movies who prefers any attention (even negative) rather than no attention at all. Sigh. So I had better get my A into G and create a new world of Kidnom for this wintery Thursday.

His joy does on average far outweigh anything else I might add. He spends 80% of his time very happy. And he LOVES having people around. Loves it. Especially the people he has around him right now. Watching him with kids his own age is bliss because the dynamics are very different and it just fits. Oh, and on the weekend I got to see him with a younger child and it was beautiful to watch him nurture and guide and be patient, just as his role models have done for him. He's a very loving and gorgeous boy. He's just a bit of a hand full at times ...

Oh well, only a few more hours to go. The masses will be departing by lunch time (including Tahlia who has a sleep-over tonight) and then the Darbster has a birthday party to attend with kids his own age and by late arvo he will have Mummy and Daddy all to himself and we can leave kid city for a world of Darby-ville.

It's going to be another great day.


  1. Sounds like Darby did just fine, esp with you as a mum. Have fun in your child free hours.

  2. If more kids were lucky enough to have the adults in their life know them so well & work with them, wow the world would be a more beautiful & peaceful place. Such understanding of our own children takes love, patience, & time. So lovely - go you!!

  3. I love, really love, hearing you talk about your kids. xx


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