Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 277

You want some innovation and creativity in your life? The swallow-cough-sneeze-fart-laugh is not a bad little party trick, but probably best trialled when on your own as it's definitely unique.

I took a swig of a bourbon and coke last (I was just having one night cap in front of Glee) at the same time as this cough/sneeze thing arose which sent bourbon and coke up my nose, down my pharygeal orifice auditory tube (impressive!), out my gob (not so impressive) and across the wall. A syrupy nose drizzle and gag attack produced such chaos in the house that the only thing left (other than actually breathing) was to finish it off with a laugh/fart combination with double twist in the pike position. With an alcoholic sinus and a new splatter art on the walls, I took a bow.

Australia's definitely got talent!! In recognition of Sue Sylvester's new book "I'm a Winner and You're Fat" (Glee) I thought the Deep Fried Fruit version might be "I've Got Class and You're Hairy". Oh, hang on, I think that is actually "You've Got Class and I'm Hairy". (But more about my ever thickening bear suit tomorrow.)

What's your best party trick (either voluntary or involuntary)? Do you have something to beat the swallow-cough-sneeze-fart-laugh?

Oh, it's Friday already??!! Oh yay! That means Flog Yo blog. Woot woot


  1. Apart from splurting coffee over my keyboard when I giggle from reading your blog? Nah.

    (Although I do a great line in comedic Lancashire accents. No idea how or why.)

  2. LOL do you watch Coronation Street Lucy?

    ...ummm no can't beat that....

    Australia has defo got talent! :)



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