Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 280

I started with a blank canvas today in which to create a bloggerific post, but a pain in my head is putting a stop to today's blogobabble.

It's such a beautiful winter day outside, and I'm sitting indoors with a terrible migraine. It could have something to do with those few drinks I had last night, or that revolting bucket of KFC we devoured, or the nit chemicals I doused the family in. Or it could be all the fundraising chocolate I've managed to stop eating (withdrawal perhaps?) or the fact that the children continue to multiply in my home. Or maybe even that Coach Maya it pulling at me subliminally because I didn't turn up for my Wii session this morning. Or perhaps someone is sticking pins in my voo doo doll. Or maybe it's just the migraine I have to have because I haven't had one in a while (and for a migraine sufferer there is probably a quota that needs fulfilling). I don't know what the cause is but I'm suffering and that's all there is to it.

So even though Day 280 is technically not blank, in my mind it may as well be. I'm off to have a couple of heavy duty painkillers, swipe another Caramello Koala from the chocky box and put a gag order on the kids I can hear screaming down the other end of the house.

I'll see you tomorrow when I hope to be well and truly back on the blogatron ...


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