Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 281

I've been spending the last few days living in the 90s as I watch Beverly Hills 90210. It just makes you want to go out and get some Harry High Pants 501s and a body suit (with snap crotch). If I could live in a TV show 90210 is it.

I am currently watching Season 6 where Donna broke up with singer Ray Pruett because of his physical abuse and then started dating a college football star; Kelly has been seeing an artist all season long but got hooked up in cocaine and ended up in rehab while the artist is now running from the cops; Steve has been dating Claire (the Chancellor's daughter) after she started out as his tutor, and right now both are being wined and dined by a Prince from Claire's childhood; David was seeing Valerie but she then went to Colin after Kelly dumped him and is now about to lose her club because Colin has jumped bail and of course she put the club up as collateral; David is now looking at Donna all goo goo eyes and obviously wanting her back which is timely because the football star has decided to leave LA to head back East and asked Donna to marry him but she said no so she is now a free agent again. Oh yeah, and Brandon is going out with another journalist from the college newspaper but there are still some vibes between he and Kelly and the journalist chick lacks a little something and we as viewers just can't see it working. What's that? Dylan? Well, at the beginning of the Season Dylan got married to a mobsters daughter but she was killed by the mobster thinking he was actually killing Dylan but got his own daughter instead, so Dylan has hopped on his motorbike and ridden off into the sunset never to be seen again (all Season at least).

Huh! Did I actually say that if life was a TV show I would pick this one? Now that I cut it down like that and look at the nuts and bolts of it all, I may think twice. But I do love the sunny disposition of the show, the clothes, the friendships, the cars, the houses, the glamour of it all. Fifteen years ago if you asked me if I was team Dylan or team Brandon (the 90s version of the team Jacob/team Edward debate) I would have said team Dylan all the way. But age, wisdom, and a need for simplicity in my life is swaying me towards team Brandon. He just needs to grow a bit. He's too short. Actually, at my age now team Steve and team David both look pretty good ... And which chick would I want to hang out with the most? Well, again, back in the 90s I totally 100% supported Brenda (who only made it through a few seasons before being turfed) but that is only because she was a brunette and I always support the brunette. Take Bold and the Beautiful for example, I am team Taylor all the way (well I was, until she went all luber lips and shelf boobs on us). Am I getting off course here? Yes, yes ... back to 90210 ... same post code ... different cast members .... Brenda. But not now. She was a bitch! Now I would love to hang with Donna and Kelly because they are so lovely and likable. You know, I actually do hang with Donna quite a bit ... well not DONNA ... Tori ... I hang with Tori as I watch her reality show Tori and Dean on Foxtel.

Anyway, that's where I'm at in life. Spending my free time (during the school holidays) catching up on the tail end of my adolescent years hanging with my peeps from Bev Hills.

If you could live in a TV show, what would it be?

PS I just asked my hubby if he could live in a TV show what would it be. His answer "Girls of the Playboy Mansion". At least we'd still be in the same post code I guess ...


  1. Memories... some good and some not so good. I was actually wearing oen of the above bodysuits when I met Mr E. So they can't have been all bad. Right?

  2. I think...Gilmore Girls. I love the mother daughter relationship. You make me smile everywhere you go!

  3. The Alice: I have a bit of a thing for Erik Thomson, as well as a bit of a thing for the NT.......

    Either that or Ashes to Ashes so that I could "fire up the Quatro" with Gene Hunt....


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